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Shape Expressions Community Group

This group serves to promote and expand ShEx – Shape Expressions. ShEx is an alternative to SHACL which uses a syntactic representation to describe the shape of an RDF graph. The Shape Expressions (ShEx) language describes RDF nodes and graph structures. A node constraint describes an RDF node (IRI, blank node or literal) and a shape describes the triples touching nodes in RDF graphs. These descriptions identify predicates and their associated cardinalities and datatypes. ShEx shapes can be used to communicate data structures associated with some process or interface, generate or validate data, or drive user interfaces. Spec at

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drafts / licensing info

Shape Expressions (ShEx) Primer
Shape Expressions Language 2.0
ShapeMap Structure and Language

Chairs, when logged in, may publish draft and final reports. Please see report requirements.

Publish Reports

ShEx 2.0 Candidate Release

The ShEx Community Group would like to invite public review of three deliverables:

The test suite has a Implementation Report including 4 of the 5 implementations:

For feature requests please note the features in the 2.1 milestone:

Many of these have been implemented and tested but are not in this version of the specification. We invite feedback from the community on issues with the documents or tests, new feature prioritization and new feature use cases.

Comments are welcome on the ShEx Community Group mailing list (archived):

Readers may also wish to join the ShEx Community Group:


  • Andra Waagmeester
  • Dimitris Kontokostas
  • Eric Prud’hommeaux
  • Gregg Kellogg
  • Harold Solbrig
  • Iovka Boneva
  • Jose Emilio
  • Labra Gayo
  • Karen Coyle
  • Katherine Thornton
  • Tom Baker