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CSV on the Web Community Group

Discussions and mutual support for implementers, publishers and spec developers of the technologies developed by the CSV on the Web Working Group. The group is not chartered to change published W3C documents, but can record new issues, errata, and test cases for those specification. The CG may also discuss related work, e.g. R2RML or other potential extensions.


Group's public email, repo and wiki activity over time

Note: Community Groups are proposed and run by the community. Although W3C hosts these conversations, the groups do not necessarily represent the views of the W3C Membership or staff.

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CSV metadata generator and editor

Jürgen Umbrich has announced an early preview release of a CSV metadata generator and editor that uses the new W3C CSVW specifications. From his announcement:

One of our students ( Manuel Undesser) developed as part of his bachelor thesis a UI for generating and editing the metadata of CSV files which is compliant with the CSV on the Web metadata standard.

the current early alpha status and test version is available at:

We would be very happy for any feedback, comments, criticism, suggestions, bug reports, etc… 😉

We plan to release our editor in the near future to the public with the hope that such a tool will help to further drive the adoption of the metadata standard and ease the generation of an initial version.  We will also release the source code on github after another round of testing, improvements and adding documentation.


Welcome to the CSVW Community Group!

The CSVW Community Group was created by members of the CSVW Working Group to provide an ongoing home for discussion of the CSVW specifications, their use and implementation.

Unlike the Working Group, this Community Group is primarily email-based, and open to all interested parties. Working Groups, as the name suggests, are much harder work, and  CSVW was no exception. As the CSVW WG charter draws to a close following the publication of the CSV specs as W3C recommendations it is important to have somewhere on the Web that is a focal point for using these specifications, rather than just creating them.

It is possible that ideas for new W3C specifications (and Working Groups), may arise from the Community Group, but we also encourage broader collaboration amongst publishers and implementors. We would particularly like to hear from users of the transformation definition mechanism, and of any efforts that integrate or extend the specifications to work alongside related technologies such as R2RML.

Call for Participation in CSV on the Web Community Group

The CSV on the Web Community Group has been launched:

CSV on the Web collaboration, discussion and mutual support for implementors, publishers and spec developers. Focus is on W3C’s CSVW specs but also on related work e.g. R2RML, potential extensions, errata and test cases.

In order to join the group, you will need a W3C account. Please note, however, that W3C Membership is not required to join a Community Group.

This is a community initiative. This group was originally proposed on 2016-01-06 by Dan Brickley. The following people supported its creation: Dan Brickley, Ethan Gruber, Ivan Herman, Gregg Kellogg, Erik Mannens, Pavlik elf. W3C’s hosting of this group does not imply endorsement of the activities.

The group must now choose a chair. Read more about how to get started in a new group and good practice for running a group.

We invite you to share news of this new group in social media and other channels.

If you believe that there is an issue with this group that requires the attention of the W3C staff, please email us at

Thank you,
W3C Community Development Team