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Welcome to the CSVW Community Group!

The CSVW Community Group was created by members of the CSVW Working Group to provide an ongoing home for discussion of the CSVW specifications, their use and implementation.

Unlike the Working Group, this Community Group is primarily email-based, and open to all interested parties. Working Groups, as the name suggests, are much harder work, and  CSVW was no exception. As the CSVW WG charter draws to a close following the publication of the CSV specs as W3C recommendations it is important to have somewhere on the Web that is a focal point for using these specifications, rather than just creating them.

It is possible that ideas for new W3C specifications (and Working Groups), may arise from the Community Group, but we also encourage broader collaboration amongst publishers and implementors. We would particularly like to hear from users of the transformation definition mechanism, and of any efforts that integrate or extend the specifications to work alongside related technologies such as R2RML.

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