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Healthcare Schema Vocabulary Community Group

This community effort aims to provide medical,healthcare and life-science specialized web schemas and vocabulary through improving and extending the existing schemas, concepts, terms and definitions in vocabulary. Ultimate goal is to enable the use of not only by webmasters but also in indexing health records, healthcare documents, and as a pillar open source of medical and healthcare and life science ontology/vocabulary for formalization of healthcare information.

This will make healthcare and medical data on web easy to describe correctly (with their correct meaning and context), easy to expose /index so ready to be accessible and will highly improve to re-usability and exchanging in semantic way, with their correct meaning and context.

The intention is not to replace existing ontologies, nor making upper level ontology nor creating yet another clinical information model/standards. The aim is mainly to provide most useful and frequently used (so, demand driven) classes and properties related to the medical and healthcare domain. Within this scope all concepts are mapped as far as it's feasible to the existing terminology like SNOMED CT, ICD, LOINC, ATC, RxNorm, HL7 FHIR, etc.


Group's public email, repo and wiki activity over time

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Publish Reports New Release 3.0 with the Extension

Hi All,
Some of you already received this public announcement:

But those who missed it , the extension is a new home for our existing Medical and healthcare related terms, as well as potential future collaborative work.
Among other improvements, a large number of medical/health terms have been moved from core into a health-lifesci extension. See:

We are expecting in couple of coming weeks some improvement around 2 points:
1/first pull request regarding:
– Generalization / specialization medical terms in health-lifesci extension

2/next pull request regarding:
–improve terms definition and labelling under ‘MedicalSpeciality’:

Thanks a lot for the hard working at side and also at schemed W3C CG side.


Important pointers for developers and materials

Hi every one,

While we are finalizing the revisit of our last submitted draft, some idea pops up to share pointers to materials anyone can read/review/edit/amend or criticise.

Everyone’s suggestions and comments are encouraged and welcome:

First of all this is the existing native draft:

The following revisit tasks are being done:

Second, the maintenance of the draft is done within the github repository:

If you need to make edits/contribution/suggest new properties/classes or edit definitions/domain/ranges; you can do it directly in RDFa file.

Alternatively you can use the .ttl file injected into protegé (not recommended as protegé support not easily .ttl).

Finally, if you need to follow the whole history from the beginning of this effort you can see archives of messages on:

Github Pull request:

Google group (need to join it):!categories/schemed

Thanks for your commitment all!


How to contribute

Hi every one,

Once again I welcome you to this healthcare community effort to build an axtension to medical entity ( For those who missed it, this Community was proposed here:

How to contribute:

1)Join Github and Clone the repository:

First read the history -here: ; as some raised issue may have already discussed)

2)For suggestions of new properties/classes, edits, etc. Please raise the issue here:

To post or create an issue, just go to the page at right upper corner, below the tab “Tools for this Group” click on the fourth item “Issues” . You will be re-directed to Github page where you can read existing issues and you can create a new one.

3)One the issue is solved (community consensus), action will be created to ask the contributor to add this into vocabulary (either directly in RDFa file; either in .ttl file according everyone’s ease.)

4)Important: All unannounced (as issue) or not discussed (on community group page here) additions in the data files will be automatically reverted.

5)We have 3 mailing list to use on this community group page:@public-schemed; @public-schemed-contrib; and @internal-schemed.

To use one of them or to post a message, just go to the page at right upper corner, below the tab “Tools for this Group” click on the firts item “Mailing list” and on the appearing list click on one of the mailing list you want to post to. You will get a window where you can post your message.

6)We need 2 extra Chairs for our community Group. Just leave a comment on this page if you can volunteer here. Please note that the chair need to contribute efficiently in maintenance of Community Group materials!