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OpenActive Community Group

This community group is part of the OpenActive initiative. Our goal is to develop technical specifications and best practices that will support the use of open and shared data relating to sports and physical activities.

Our primary focus is on standardising how to publish data about opportunities to be physically activity, defining best practices and APIs to enable booking of events and facilities, and improving interoperability of data across the sector.

To ensure that our specifications will support a variety of use cases, we welcome contributions from a range of organisations, including existing platforms and new startups.

While our work is technical, you don’t have to be a developer to contribute to our standards group. We are looking for input from product and service managers whose domain knowledge can help us to create better outputs.


Group's public email, repo and wiki activity over time

Note: Community Groups are proposed and run by the community. Although W3C hosts these conversations, the groups do not necessarily represent the views of the W3C Membership or staff.

final reports / licensing info

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Modelling Opportunity Data Licensing commitments
Realtime Paged Data Exchange Licensing commitments

drafts / licensing info

OpenActive Vocabulary
Publishing opportunity data: a primer
OpenActive Activity List
Open Booking Specification: Editors Draft

Chairs, when logged in, may publish draft and final reports. Please see report requirements.

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Community group governance and processes

The number of members of this group has continued to grow over the last few months. We also have more organisations looking to implement the standard and an increasing number of parallel activities and proposed work areas.

To date we’ve been following a fairly informal set of processes to propose, discuss and make changes to the specifications. But it feels like its time to codify our approach to help us to better manage updates.

The OpenActive community group governance and processes document will help to:

  • provide some background on the group to new joiners, to help explain how we work in the open
  • describe how we collaborate and the tools we use
  • clarify the process for requesting changes and how updates are made to the specifications

The documentation should be useful for all members of the group, but if you are new to the group, then we recommend you reading it through.

The document is open for feedback, so please leave a comment.

Third-party booking working documents

The community group is currently working on developing a set of specifications and best practices to allow people who have discovered opportunities to be active to book places to attend an event, or hire a facility.

This post provides a list of the working documents that are currently being developed by the community group.

Discussion documents and reports

  • Supporting OpenActive in your platform – provides guidance for existing platforms about adding support for the initiative to their products. It includes support for publishing open data and some general requirements around third-party booking.
  • Exploring requirements for a booking API (google doc) – provides a summary of a face-to-face workshop whose aim was to collect use cases and requirements from both platforms and innovators looking to benefit from using a third-party booking API.
  • Booking use cases and requirements (google doc) – documents all of the use cases and requirements that have been raised by the community, with an indication of whether they are in scope for our initial work.

Draft documents

The current issue list for the booking specification can be found on github. Please file feedback or comments in this repository.

Progress update on our standards work

Over the last few months the OpenActive community group have been working on our first set of deliverables.

Over on the OpenActive blog I’ve just published a progress update on our activity and work to date. If you’re new to the community group or just want to get an overview of our current focus and areas of work, then that post is a great place to start.

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