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Progress update on our standards work

Over the last few months the OpenActive community group have been working on our first set of deliverables.

Over on the OpenActive blog I’ve just published a progress update on our activity and work to date. If you’re new to the community group or just want to get an overview of our current focus and areas of work, then that post is a great place to start.

With the publication of the first public draft of our Modelling Opportunity Data specification earlier this week, we are now looking for more detailed implementation feedback.

We’re asking anyone currently publishing open data as part of OpenActive to review the specification to test it against real world data.

The progress update identifies some of the areas in which we’re keen to get feedback.

Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to hold our regular community hangouts. These have all been recorded and available on YouTube. By working in the open in this way we help to keep a record of our discussions and progress, while allowing as many people as possible to be involved in the group’s activities. Here’s a summary of our discussion of yesterday’s meeting.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be doing more work in some specific areas, including:

  • How to standardise activity lists within the sector, to simplify data integration
  • Extending the specification to include details on support for disabilities at events. This is an important area and we’re going to take the time to focus on this and ensure its done correctly
  • Starting to capture requirements around event attendance, availability and booking
  • Producing more guidance around how to publish opportunity data

You can find details on our next few calls on the mailing list. If you’d like to get involved, then please do join the group!

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