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Community group governance and processes

The number of members of this group has continued to grow over the last few months. We also have more organisations looking to implement the standard and an increasing number of parallel activities and proposed work areas.

To date we’ve been following a fairly informal set of processes┬áto propose, discuss and make changes to the specifications. But it feels like its time to codify our approach to help us to better manage updates.

The OpenActive community group governance and processes document will help to:

  • provide some background on the group to new joiners, to help explain how we work in the open
  • describe how we collaborate and the tools we use
  • clarify the process for requesting changes and how updates are made to the specifications

The documentation should be useful for all members of the group, but if you are new to the group, then we recommend you reading it through.

The document is open for feedback, so please leave a comment.

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