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EOWG Outreach

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2018-2019 Outreach Planning


  • Promoting Business Case - November 2018
  • Accessibility Statement - November 2018
  • WAI Translations- December 2018 or January 2019

Misc Notes

Rough collection of ideas for now — for specific outreach campaigns, general activities, etc.:

  • Encourage conference organizers to send this link to all their presenters:
    Hopefully some "thought-leaders" will follow the link, look around and find other useful info on the site, and spread the word about WAI resources.
  • For articles, blogs, tweets, etc. that cover topics related to WAI resources yet don't mention the WAI resource, add it to the comments &/or otherwise encourage the author to add it
  • Demo(s) at TPAC
  • Maybe develop short video intros to Quick Ref, Report tool, others
  • Videos &/or podcasts introducing topics &/or resources
    • Overview video - Introduction to WAI Web Site
    • Evaluation resources
    • How People with Disabilities Use the Web resource
  • Material to support other people's education and outreach - e.g., example presentations
  • Sign languages for intro video & perspectives videos
  • ...


  • Contacts for promotion - lists online tech news sites, blogs, disability organizations, reporters, etc. that might contribute to our outreach efforts
  • 23 October 2018 EOWG minutes — General agreement for not trying too much right away, instead, small steps. Resolution: EOWG will have outreach on the survey and as a topic at every meeting for at least 5 minutes.

Past Outreach Work

General (old notes)