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2019-2021 Outreach Planning




Dates to consider outreach around:

  • May - GAAD (3rd Thursday each May)
  • July - U.S. ADA Anniversary 26 July 1990
  • November - World Usability Dy 12 November 2020
  • December - UN IDPD 3 Dec

Everyone can do now

  • To conference organizers — Encourage conference organizers to send this to all their presenters: How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All Hopefully some "thought-leaders" will follow the link, look around and find other useful info on the site, and spread the word about WAI resources.
  • External promotion — For articles, blogs, tweets, etc. that cover topics related to WAI resources yet don't mention the WAI resource, add it to the comments &/or otherwise encourage the author to add it.

2019-2021 Mentions of EOWG & other WAI resources

If related to translations, please record on the "Promoting WAI Translations" page under Record of outreach and mentions section (instead of below).
If related to W3Cx course, please record in the appropriate section of Promoting W3Cx Intro Course.


not date related



  • Easy Checks tweet:"To begin with Web Accessibility I followed the Easy Checks of @w3c_wai … " — Coralie Collignon
  • "L'accessibilité, nécessaire pour certaines personnes, utile à toutes et tous (pour paraphraser le @w3c_wai)." ~ "Accessibility, necessary for some people, useful for all (to paraphrase @w3c_wai)." tweet 25 Nov

May 2019

April 2019

  • kudos: "I think the @w3c_wai did a really nice job with their site redesign. The new site is user friendly and chalk full of tips, tutorials, and reference material. Keep up the great work, it's greatly appreciated! #A11y #InclusiveDesign" @mr_marcsolomon tweet
  • Accessibility brown bag at the Library of Congress - 25 + developers, designers, manager, content creator attended. We shared the draft ARRM with the group and discussed how to integrate the framework in our projects. The reaction was very positive. During the discussion as a response to questions, I shared the links to the Perspectives videos and How People with Disabilities use the web. This meeting is new and growing. It was our 2nd meeting. Next meeting is in June. - April 4.
  • Tweet directed at developers with a link to a tweet with resources for developers:

March 2019

February 2019

January 2019

  • Persona quotes for 2.1 SCs — "Digging the persona quotes @w3c_wai added to the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines. Eg:..." — Nina_Amato 23 Jan

Misc Notes

Rough collection of ideas for now — for specific outreach campaigns, general activities, etc.:

  • Update relevant Wikipedia articles to include info & links to WAI website
  • Material to support other people's education and outreach - e.g., example presentations [is in current EOWG Charter deliverables]
  • Sign languages for intro video & perspectives videos
  • Specific outreach around low vision and cognitive issues and WCAG 2.1 - Wayne e-mail Nov 2018
  • Demo(s) at TPAC
  • ...

Video ideas

  • Videos &/or podcasts introducing topics &/or resources
    • Maybe develop short video intros to Quick Ref, [done] Report tool, others
    • Overview video - Introduction to WAI Web Site (have source video)
    • [done] Evaluation resources
    • [doing in 2021] How People with Disabilities Use the Web resource
    • other ideas in March 2019 Survey
    • 2011 ideas in WAI Outreach Videos


  • Contacts for promotion - lists online tech news sites, blogs, disability organizations, reporters, etc. that might contribute to our outreach efforts
  • 23 October 2018 EOWG minutes — General agreement for not trying too much right away, instead, small steps. Resolution: EOWG will have outreach on the survey and as a topic at every meeting for at least 5 minutes.

Past Outreach Work

General (old notes)



GAAD 2019 tweets

Feel free to put any edits, rewrites, or comments after the draft text below. Feel free to add other ideas, too.


  • Speaking of videos, our 1-minute Perspectives Videos highlight how accessibility is essential for people with disabilities & useful for all. They demonstrate the impact of #accessibility and benefits for everyone in a variety of situations. #a11y #gaad
  • The updated Accessibility Principles page provides intros to making digital content accessible to people with disabilities. It links to standards for websites, apps, browsers, and other tools. And to personas - stories of web users. - #GAAD #a11y
    • Comment:
  • It's Global Accessibility Awareness Day #GAAD! Do you want to help make it even more global? We're seeking volunteer translators for #WAI #accessibility resources. See Thanks!- #a11y
    • Comment:

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  • Have you ever wondered how people with disabilities use the web? Take a look at a collection of stories of web users, diverse abilities and barriers, and tools and techniques #gaad #a11y