Presentation at CSUN 2017 - CSUN2017 Walk through WAI

From Education & Outreach

Title: The WAI to Web Accessibility: Education & Outreach Update 2017

Dates: 01 March and 03 March 2017 (Two sessions, one as an overflow because so many had indicated interest.)

Location: CSUN Conference, San Diego, California

Event: 40 minute session

Presenters: Shawn Lawton Henry, Sharron Rush, Brent Bakken, Eric Eggert

  1. Goals
    • Understand breadth of WAI resources ,especially newly updated resources
    • Know where to find what on W3C WAI website
    • Answer your questions: Does WAI have ... ?
    • Become involved with WAI community
  2. WAI website
  3. Videos! Web Accessibility Perspectives: Explore the Impact and Benefits for Everyone - Show that accessibility is "essential for some, useful for all".
  4. Evaluation resources
  5. Managing resources significantly updated:
  6. Tips for Getting Started are task-based:
    • Designing - for user interface and visual design
    • Writing - for writing and presenting content
    • Developing - for markup and coding
  7. For developers:
  8. Gems you might not know about:
  9. In development:
    • Updated list of Policies Relating to Web Accessibility
    • Redesigned WAI website with modern visual design and updated navigation (information architecture)
    • Updated Before and After Demo (BAD) example website
  10. Join in!