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EOWG Current Projects

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2018 Current Work

(updated 20 October 2018)

  • Translations (Shawn leading)
    Status: Expect final proposals by early November (on-going work could be heavy for a few months or more)
    Need: (starting in Dec 2018) People to help review submitted translations. Possibly people to help format submitted translations.

  • Policies — minor updates, add data for regions (Robert & Mary Jo leading)
    Status: Open issues; Framework for region data in progress
    Need: People to help process the submissions through Policy Workflow
    Need: Data on US, Canadian, Australian regions (states, provinces, territories)

  • Updates for WCAG 2.1 (Shawn leading)
    Status: Easy ones in progress; substantive ones to be prioritized
    Need: (Nov 2018) EOWG participant(s) to do link updates via GitHub pull requests

  • Tutorial Roadmap: (Eric leading)
    • (done) 2.0 -> 2/2.1 in text
    • Identify 2.1 gaps in existing tutorials
    • Filling 2.1 gaps in existing tutorials
    • Put in new design
    • Develop new tutorials

Upcoming Work

2017 Charter Work Completed

@@ Shawn will update soon (include pointer to )@@

EOWG Resources:

WAI Resources that EOWG contributed to:

2017-2020 Charter Work Schedule

The table below includes a column for the latest Status of deliverables and work items. The other columns show the initially planned schedule; those other columns will not be changed/updated in this table. EOWG work priorities are evaluated regularly by EOWG and WAI staff. Work priorities are periodically revised based on current education and outreach needs, editor availability, and the progress of deliverables in other WAI Working Groups with which EOWG has dependencies.

Priority  Resource what & notes Status on 20 Oct '18 Q3'17 Q4'17 Q1'18 Q2'18 Q3'18 Q4'18 Q1'19 Q2'19 Q3'19 Q4'19 Q1'20 Q2'20
1 Policies First: Update with submitted data
Later: Address issues slated for post-launch enhancements: Policies issues in GitHub; update data for other regions, e.g., Australian states, Canadian provinces, and US states.
In progress complete submitted data updates                      
 1 Editorial guidelines Expand existing Style guide. Ongoing complete                      
1 Understanding WCAG 2.1 Assist AG WG in developing Understanding support material for new WCAG 2.1 success criteria — probably through a joint Task Force. In progress slow most active active maybe slow little little little little little little little little
1 Priority 1 Resources to be determined Minor updates for WAI site redesign. Completed   complete                    
1 Intro Update 1 and replace 2 with that conent; check if any info from 2 should be added for WAI page or moved elsewhere. Completed   complete

1 UI Components List Implement Action Plan for Improved Quality & Management of List. On hold for WAI-Guide project coordination     [charter milestone: complete March 2018]                  
2 Mobile resources Reframe and update set of pages: landing page, overlap, experiences, and new Mobile Developers' Intro. Completed       complete                
2 Older user resources Reframe and update set of pages: overview, overlap, lit review, presentation. Completed


Outreach Developing Presentations and Training First: Update with links to new material.
Later: Develop more content.
Update links: completed;
More content: Starting Jan 2019

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Outreach Presentations Update (or retire) existing presentation content and markup bcase, using WCAG2, benefits WCAG 2, components.  

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Outreach Translations Develop framework; review translations. In progress, to be completed Q4 2018

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Outreach Outreach campaigns Develop plans, implement.  

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Easy Checks Easy Checks Develop interactive version.  

[charter milestone: complete March 2019]

3 Tips Getting Started Planning into 2: Managing, Directing.                     complete    
3 Presentations Develop new presentations for outreach.  


3 How PWDs Use Web Significant restructure. Completed


3 Business Case Update - needs rethinking approach. To be published Nov 2018


3 Select Authoring Tools Update.  


3 Selecting Eval Tools Update to synch with Tools List categories. Completed                   complete    
3 Eval resources: 1, 2, 3 Update (or retire).  


3 Better Web Browsing Update or retire.  


  BAD (update, if editor availability)  

  Accessibility Conformance Statements (develop, if editor availability) To be published Nov 2018

  Curriculum/Training/Teaching material maybe material for trainers, maybe full course/curriculum for self-study (if editor availability) Starting Jan 2019

  Tutorials, developer guides, or other "explainers" on other topics (if editor availability) In progress

  Role-based guidance (develop, if editor availability) In progress                        
  Accessible Online Learning information (develop, if editor availability) In progress                        
  Publishing-related information (develop, if editor availability)                          

Additional in Charter

If projects are defined and resources are available, EOWG may also:

  • Develop publishing-related information in coordination with Publishing@W3C — This will most likely be adding information to existing EOWG Resources — for example, adding publishing examples to the sub-pages of How People with Disabilities Use the Web, although it could be new resources.
  • Revise existing material or develop new material around the needs of users with cognitive disabilities, and accessibility solutions.
  • Support user interface development, and education and outreach around "Silver" with the AG WG.
  • Develop more role-based guidance — Work in the WAI Engage Community Group related to role-based guidance may develop to the point it is mature enough for EOWG review and publishing on the main WAI website.

EOWG work priorities are evaluated regularly by EOWG and WAI staff. Work priorities are periodically revised based on current education and outreach needs, and the progress of deliverables in other WAI Working Groups with which EOWG has dependencies. Therefore, the priority of deliverables listed above are subject to change based on changed circumstances, and timelines below may be adjusted.


Older info: EOWG Work under 2015-2017 Charter

Ideas on future work

Sent to WAI Coordination Call:

  • Proactive on [accessibility aspects of] emerging issues, such as Vibration API, Push/Notifications APIs, Gamepad API, graphics accessibility
  • Internationalizing the accessibility work at W3C (beyond translations), including increased attention on the "crossover" issue of sign language users, since that community includes many who see their issue as one of language rather than disability
  • Standardization of gestures across OS on touchscreen devices (POS, EFTPOS, kiosks etc)