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EOWG Current Projects

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Current Work

some updates 26 July 2022, though not all yet

New resources:

Lists for finding accessibility support:



  • WCAG supporting documents redesign
    Status: Active. Hope to publish in early August 2022


Upcoming Work and Pending Work

Completed 2020 Charter Work

Status: incomplete list

Work completed under 2020 Charter:

Completed Deliverables

To Do: convert info below to wiki markup

EOWG deliverables announcements since 2005 are listed in the News Archive or the older Highlights Archive and include:

Other lists:

Misc Notes

Ideas on future work:

  • (Ideas included in the 2017 Charter are above)
  • (Previous ideas at [ 2017 charter possible work in scope)
  • Sent to WAI Coordination Call:
    • Proactive on [accessibility aspects of] emerging issues, such as Vibration API, Push/Notifications APIs, Gamepad API, graphics accessibility
    • Internationalizing the accessibility work at W3C (beyond translations), including increased attention on the "crossover" issue of sign language users, since that community includes many who see their issue as one of language rather than disability
    • Standardization of gestures across OS on touchscreen devices (POS, EFTPOS, kiosks etc)