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EOWG Current Projects

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2018 Current Work

(up-to-date 18 July 2018)

  • Business Case Revision (Sharron leading)
  • Understanding documents for new WCAG 2.1 success criteria (Norah, Sharron, Brent leading)
  • Accessibility Statements (Shadi leading).
    Planned schedule: (see Review Stages)
    • 27 June — rough concept draft sent to EOWG.
      29 June — discuss in EOWG telecon.
    • 18 July — approaches discuss in EO-Plan telecon.
    • 24 July — send draft survey questions to eo-plan.
    • 25 July — finalize survey questions and plan EOWG discussion in EO-Plan telecon, add to agenda, send to EOWG.
      27 July — discuss in EOWG telecon, including mock-up.
    • 25 July — send survey to EOWG with complete draft, deadline 8 August.
    • 15 August — discuss in EO-Plan
    • 24 August — (if needed) discuss in EOWG telecon
    • 00 Month — additional EOWG discussion as needed
    • 00 Month — EOWG Thorough Review (ideally at least 13 days Thur-Tue)
    • 00 Month — EOWG Approval to Publish (assuming only few minor changes, can be 1 week Wed-Tue)
  • Web Accessibility Roles and Responsibilities (Denis & Brent leading)
  • Minor revisions to: (Shawn leading)
    • Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites
    • Developing Organizational Policies on Web Accessibility
    • Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion
  • Policies — minor updates (Robert leading)

Upcoming work

2017 Charter Work


EOWG Resources:

(fyi, WAI Resources:)


Note: Please do not edit this section because it synchs with Timelines in 2017 Charter; Coordinate suggested revisions with Brent, Sharron, and Shawn.

Priority  Resource
what & notes Q3'17 Q4'17 Q1'18 Q2'18 Q3'18 Q4'18 Q1'19 Q2'19 Q3'19 Q4'19 Q1'20 Q2'20
1 Policies First: Update with submitted data
Later: Address issues slated for post-launch enhancements: Policies issues in GitHub; update data for other regions, e.g., Australian states, Canadian provinces, and US states.
complete submitted data updates                      
 1 Editorial guidelines Expand existing Style guide. complete                      
1 Understanding WCAG 2.1 Assist AG WG in developing Understanding support material for new WCAG 2.1 success criteria — probably through a joint Task Force. slow most active active maybe slow little little little little little little little little
1 Priority 1 Resources to be determined Minor updates for WAI site redesign.   complete                    
1 Intro Update 1 and replace 2 with that conent; check if any info from 2 should be added for WAI page or moved elsewhere.   complete

1 UI Components List Implement Action Plan for Improved Quality & Management of List.     [charter milestone: complete March 2008]                  
2 Mobile resources Reframe and update set of pages: landing page, overlap, experiences, and new Mobile Developers' Intro.       complete                
2 Older user resources Reframe and update set of pages: overview, overlap, lit review, presentation.


Outreach Developing Presentations and Training First: Update with links to new material.
Later: Develop more content.

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Outreach Presentations Update (or retire) existing presentation content and markup bcase, using WCAG2, benefits WCAG 2, components.

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Outreach Translations Develop framework; review translations.

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Outreach Outreach campaigns Develop plans, implement.

[charter milestone: complete Dec 2018]

Easy Checks Easy Checks Develop interactive version.

[charter milestone: complete March 2019]

3 Tips Getting Started Planning into 2: Managing, Directing.                   complete    
3 Presentations Develop new presentations for outreach.


3 How PWDs Use Web Significant restructure.


3 Business Case Update - needs rethinking approach.


3 Select Authoring Tools Update.


3 Selecting Eval Tools Update to synch with Tools List categories.                   complete    
3 Eval resources: 1, 2, 3 Update (or retire).


3 Better Web Browsing Update or retire.


  BAD (update, if editor availability)

  Accessibility Conformance Statements (develop, if editor availability)

  Curriculum/Training/Teaching material maybe material for trainers, maybe full course/curriculum for self-study (if editor availability)

  Tutorials, developer guides, or other "explainers" on other topics (if editor availability)


[[Note: Please do not edit the table above or section below because it synchs with 2017 Charter; Coordinate suggested revisions with Brent, Sharron, and Shawn.]]

Additional in Charter

If projects are defined and resources are available, EOWG may also:

  • Develop publishing-related information in coordination with Publishing@W3C — This will most likely be adding information to existing EOWG Resources — for example, adding publishing examples to the sub-pages of How People with Disabilities Use the Web, although it could be new resources.
  • Revise existing material or develop new material around the needs of users with cognitive disabilities, and accessibility solutions.
  • Support user interface development, and education and outreach around "Silver" with the AG WG.
  • Develop more role-based guidance — Work in the WAI Engage Community Group related to role-based guidance may develop to the point it is mature enough for EOWG review and publishing on the main WAI website.

EOWG work priorities are evaluated regularly by EOWG and WAI staff. Work priorities are periodically revised based on current education and outreach needs, and the progress of deliverables in other WAI Working Groups with which EOWG has dependencies. Therefore, the priority of deliverables listed above are subject to change based on changed circumstances, and timelines below may be adjusted.

[[Note: Please do not edit the section above because it synchs with 2017 Charter. Put additional ideas below.]]


Related info:

EOWG primarily works through GitHub and weekly surveys (W3C "WBS"), in addition to teleconferences. We use this wiki for some things like developing requirements and organizing project documentation. (We don't use e-mail much.)

2015 Charter Milestones status

*The first four columns in the table below are the planned milestones from the charter.
Deliverable* Requirements* Prototype/Draft* Published* Status on 7 June 2017 (up to date still on 13 July) Future work
How to Meet WCAG 2.0: A customizable quick reference - update done November 2015 February 2016 done. published March 2016. Possible additional filters for mobile and related to WCAG 2.1.
Policies Relating to Web Accessibility - update done December 2015 on-going done. published June 2017. Continue gathering and vetting new and updated data.
Quick Start Guides - new
("Tips for Getting Started")
done done March 2016 done. published October 2015 (months early). Additional ones in development.
Widget Library - new
("UI Components List")
January 2016 April 2016 October 2016 Was nearly done ahead of schedule, but big issue re-opened that will take a lot of work to address (Proposal for improved quality and expectation management). Currently lower priority than site redesign. Plan to get back to it in June 2017 and complete in August 2017.  
Planning and Managing Roadmap - new done done March 2016 done. published March 2016.  
Showcase Examples - new
("Perspectives Videos")
done March 2016 July 2016 done. published in May 2016 (ahead of schedule), and updated in Sept 2016.  
Web Accessibility and Usability Working Together - update February 2016 April 2016 June 2016 version published May 2016. (Revisions waiting on input from COGA TF and EOWG reviewer.)
Easy Checks - A First Review of Web Accessibility - update done done February 2016 published Dec 2016. Easy Checks Next Generation definition/requirements.
Developing Organizational Policies on Web Accessibility - update done done April 2016 done. published May 2016.  
Web Accessibility Tutorials - complete drafts done done September 2016 done. latest update published in April 2017. Additional tutorials in development.
How People with Disabilities Use the Web - update done done October 2016 done. latest update published in May 2017. Proposed additional coverage of people with cognitive and learning disabilities, and significant re-organization.
Why Standards Harmonization is Essential to Web Accessibility - update done done May 2017 [At risk for being canceled, unless editor availability. Possible editor availability in August 2017.]  
Training Material May 2016 March 2017 May 2017 [No other specific deliverables planned for this charter.]  

*The first four columns in the table above are the planned milestones from the charter.

Additional deliverables not in Milestones

  • Participating in WAI - update
  • WAI Translations - update
  • [done & more in-progress by Susan & Sharron] Mobile Accessibility - update
  • [done by MichaelC?] WAI-ARIA Overview and WAI-ARIA FAQ - update
  • [done but could use Shawn review] ATAG Overview - update
  • [done but could use Shawn review] UAAG Overview - update
  • [done ? confirm with Shadi] WCAG 2.0 Translations - update

Optional / based on resource availability:

  • [in progress] WAI website redesign, based on resource availability
  • Other introductory material for technical documents - update and develop new
  • Additional training curriculum materials, based on resource availability
  • WCAG-EM Report Tool: Website Accessibility Evaluation Report Generator - update, based on resource availability

Additional work completed:

Previous Work Schedules

Policies Relating to Web Accessibility update

September Defining format for listings, defining UI functionality
October Finalize format for listings and UI functionality
Defining technical back-end for gathering and processing updates
November Incorporate received comments.
Revise prototype for table presentation.
Group work at Nov 14 and 15 face to face meeting to finalize format and function.
December Incorporate input from face to face.
January 2017 Review resource layout and data proposal along with data input form.
Incorporate group feedback and begin mock-up development.
Begin listing issues in GitHub repository.
February Further develop mock-up and begin addressing and closing issues.
March Finalize UI of resource and data collection form. Continue initial data collection.
April Collect data from known contributors.
May Announce updated and invite public contributions. announcement
June Update data that comes in.
July Address post-launch issues.

Accessible Media Tutorial

Mobile Accessibility Developers' Intro

ARIA Developers Intro

Smart Search

BAD Update & Support Material

Tips for Evaluating

Tips for Advocating

Tips for Procuring

  • (Link to draft)

Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion: Related Aspects of a Web for All update

November Review edits
December Update based on comments. Finalize version for publication.
January Gathering feedback from COGA Task Force and Staff
February [waiting for feedback...]

Accessible UI Components List - ["Widgets Library"]

Q2 2017 On hold pending Editor availability after Tutorials and website redesign.
Q4 2017 Implement Action Plan for Improved Quality & Management of List

Current Work Roles

The Review Team assignments that were here and been replaced with
EOWG Resource Management (Google Sheet)
If you need an alternative format, please inform Sharron and Brent.

Pending Issues

Additional Projects

  • WAI Web Site Redesign
    • status: Actively using agile process through visual design, information architecture, and technical backlog.
  • Mobile Accessibility page update
    • status: requirements analysis in development, plan to revise the top level page, address mobile more specifically throughout the WAI site.

Ideas on future work

Sent to WAI Coordination Call:

  • Proactive on [accessibility aspects of] emerging issues, such as Vibration API, Push/Notifications APIs, Gamepad API, graphics accessibility
  • Internationalizing the accessibility work at W3C (beyond translations), including increased attention on the "crossover" issue of sign language users, since that community includes many who see their issue as one of language rather than disability
  • Standardization of gestures across OS on touchscreen devices (POS, EFTPOS, kiosks etc)