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EOWG Meetings

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Meeting summaries: EOWG Meetings 2017, EOWG Meetings 2016, EOWG Meetings 2015, EOWG Meetings 2014

Upcoming face-to-face & other meetings: 2017 F2F meetings

Work for this week

Updated 23 June

  1. Mobile Developers Intro (extended review from last week)
    • Consider the big picture of how this latest in-progress draft is meeting the goals and audiences' needs. Think about organization, flow, and overall content at a high level.
    • Specific questions and links to GitHub are in the 16 Jun Weekly Survey (extended to 27 June)
  2. Mobile in Tutorials - proposed additions to existing tutorials to cover mobile issues:


If you have more time:

Every week:

  • Availability Survey - update the Availability for Upcoming EOWG Teleconferences survey on a regular basis to reflect your availability to attend weekly teleconference meetings
  • If you missed a meeting, add your name to the wiki page showing that you have read the minutes.
  • Input format - remember to provide specific, clear, succinct comments that are quickly understandable to all EOWG participants and easily action-able by the editors — ideally with fork and pull request in many cases, per effective comments e-mail

Links to current work and archives

Teleconference Logistics

EOWG meets by teleconference most Fridays from 8:30am - 10:30am US Eastern Time. To find what time this is in your region, you can check the world clock meeting planner.

Call-in options

  • Join via WebEx: You can join WebEx via browser and then you can have it call you toll free. Get Password from e-mail or ask in IRC
  • Join via Phone: You can dial +1-617-324-0000 (a toll number) Meeting number / Access code: 640 019 702

When you join the call, put in IRC: "Present+ [YourName]"

IRC Information

We use IRC and the Zakim IRC bot.

  • Channel: #eo
  • Server:
  • Port: 6665

See EOWG Participation Info for additional information.


30 June

TBD: EOWG participants, please add suggested topics to bring to group next week.