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EOWG Meetings

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Meeting summaries: EOWG Meetings 2015, EOWG Meetings 2014

Work for this week

Updated 28 August:

  1. 21 August Survey with several questions, including thorough review of Tips on Writing
    all participants need to complete this survey by Tuesday 1 September
  2. Tips on Developing - review tip explanation text and put comments in GitHub.
  3. Tips batch 2 - Get caught up with background info


  • Tips on Designing is pretty much done; if you have any more comments, speak up now (ideally, put them in GitHub:).

Every week:

Call-in options

or You can dial +1-617-324-0000 (a toll number) Meeting number / Access code: 640 019 702

  • When you join the call, put in IRC: Present+ YourName

Future planning

[pending] Work for following week

  • [Tentative] Policies - updating
  • [Tentative] Tutorials - Survey to approve publishing Page Structure, Menus, Carousels
  • [Tentative] Finding your WAI update
  • [Tentative] [pending] Review Cognitive Accessibility User Research draft from EOWG perspective

4 September Teleconference Agenda

  1. Policies updating
  2. ...

Work for following week

  • ...

11 September Teleconference Agenda

  1. ...

Work for following week

  • ...

18 September Teleconference Agenda

  1. ...

Work for following week

  • ...