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EOWG Meetings

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Meeting summaries: EOWG Meetings 2016, EOWG Meetings 2015, EOWG Meetings 2014

Work for this week

Updated 12 February:

The current EOWG weekly survey is open and includes the following questions or confirmations:

  1. Review Summary/Minutes: Those who were not able to attend the teleconference, confirm that you have read 12 Jan summary, minutes and resolutions.
  2. Relating Showcase videos to WCAG:
    • In the weekly EOWG teleconference, the question was raised about the relationship of the video topics to WCAG requirements for accessibility. Some topics, like keyboard accessibility, can be directly mapped to WCAG. For other topics, like plain language and large click areas, the relationship is implied rather than explicit.
    • Please review the discussion in today's minutes and consider the importance of this question in determining whether (or not) to include the less directly referenced topics.
    • Submit your response in the Weekly Survey.
  3. Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision:
    • Questions 3 & 4 on the Weekly Survey are calling for feedback on the Publication of First Editor's Draft of Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision.
    • Please note that survey question 3 outlines specific details and considerations to keep in mind while reviewing the document.
    • Review the document and complete questions 3 & 4 in the Weekly Survey.

Every week:

  • If you miss a meeting, read summary on the EOWG Meetings 2016 page (and the full minutes if you want) and add your name as [done]
  • Input format - remember to provide specific, clear, succinct comments that are quickly understandable to all EOWG participants and easily action-able by the editors — ideally with fork and pull request in many cases, per effective comments e-mail
  • Availability Survey - update the Availability for Upcoming EOWG Teleconferences survey on a regular basis to reflect your availability to attend weekly teleconference meetings

fyi, Upcoming work and archives


Call-in options

  • You can join WebEx via browser and then you can have it call you toll free
    or You can dial +1-617-324-0000 (a toll number) Meeting number / Access code: 640 019 702
    See IRC topic for new meeting password
  • When you join the call, put in IRC: Present+ YourName

19 February Agenda