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EOWG Meetings

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Meeting summaries: EOWG Meetings 2015, EOWG Meetings 2014

Work for this week

Updated 1 May:

  1. Informal Usability Testing Planning for May 2015 - Add your ideas to any of it
  2. quick start tips/guides - Please review the "Tips" for each and comment on general and specifics. You can put feedback in either:
    • wiki page - note the suggested format at EOWG editing notes to put rewording in sub-bullet, new tip in first-level bullet, and non-rewording suggestions in brackets in gray (class="quiet") — (for examples see Designing section)
    • Weekly survey - This is the same survey from last week so we have previous and new comments in the same survey.
    • (will move to Github later)

Every week:


1 May Teleconference Agenda

  1. QuickRef Redesign - status of quickref survey results
  2. Quick Start Guides/Tips - discuss Feedback from survey (audiences, approach, and (if time) specifics for Designer, Developer, Author, Advocate, Manager)
  3. Usability testing in May in Austin
    • Discuss plan
    • Add your availability to Scheduling

Work for following week

  • [Tentative] Web Accessibility Roadmap - Prepare for usability testing
  • [Tentative] Page Structure Tutorial - approval to publish survey
  • [Tentative] Usability testing - planning & prep
  • [Tentative] Finding_Your_WAI - Update

Future Teleconference Agendas

8 May Teleconference Agenda

  1. ...

Work for following week

  • ...

(no teleconference on 15 May)

22 May Teleconference Agenda

  1. F2F debrief
  2. ...

Work for following week

  • ...