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EOWG Meetings

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Upcoming face-to-face & other meetings: EOWG F2F meetings

Work for this Week

Updated 7 August


  • If you will not be able to do the surveys by the dates below and can do them if given more time, please e-mail right away so the editors can plan for your comments.
  • Please don't let the length of the surveys scare you away. The Introductions have detailed guidance, including which sections to focus on if you have limited time.


  1. COGA "Content Usable" doc review - COGA survey due Tuesday 11 August
  2. Videos for WCAG - Video survey due Tuesday 18 August


For Curricula Task Force

Availability Surveys and Missed Meetings

Links to current work and archives

Upcoming Teleconferences

  • Friday 07 August 2020 at 8:30am ET
  • Friday 14 August 2020 at 8:30am ET
  • Friday 21 August 2020 at 8:30am ET
  • Friday 28 August 2020 at 8:30am ET
  • ... most Fridays at 8:30am ET

Teleconference Logistics

EOWG meets by teleconference alternating:

  • Fridays 8:30am US Eastern Time (Friday afternoon-night in some parts of the world), for up to 2 hours

(previous Thursdays at 6:00pmET / Friday morning Asia Pacific is no longer being held)

To find what time this is in your region, you can check the world clock meeting planner.

Meeting connection link and numbers: Teleconference connection info (requires W3C login permission)

IRC Information

We use IRC and the Zakim IRC bot.

  • Channel: #eo
  • Server:
  • Port: 6665

See EOWG Participation Info for additional information.

When you join the call, put in IRC: "Present+ [YourName]"


14 August 2020

Agenda will be posted on Wednesday, 12 August.

7 August 2020

  1. Personal pronouns in WAI Style Guide   (10-60 minutes)
  2. WCAG Supporting Materials Design - (background: Requirements Analysis)   (~30+ minutes)
    • Techniques (current Technique design)
      1. OK with recent changes? Any new comments?
      2. in About this page: "Techniques are examples of ways to meet a WCAG success criterion."
    • Understanding (current Understanding design)
      1. Idea of replacing the Technique section with link to Quick Reference (with updated visual design)?
      2. in About this page: "Understanding documents explain intent, benefits, examples and key terms for WCAG success criteria."
    • Overall
      1. H1s with visually small number (e.g., Technique H48)
      2. Listing techniques in the "About this page" box? Options: Number only, very long text, or not at all.
  3. COGA "Content Usable" and integration in WCAG website   (15+ minutes)
  4. Work for this Week   (5 minutes)