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Documenting EOWG Impact

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Let's use this wiki page as the project page and requirements analysis for W3C Accessibility Education and Outreach and for a potential survey.

Related info

Purpose, goals, objectives


  • Demonstrate the value of the work of EOWG
  • Get support for accessibility education and outreach to be a priority with the W3C "legal entity" that is finalizing development in 2022
  • Get support ahead of EOWG re-chartering in 2023 (to limit the amount of time and energy we need to expend addressing objectives or comments on the charter)


  • Document how EOWG resources are used for various use cases (e.g., future funding)

Audience, user scenarios


  • Legal entity decision-makers and influencers: W3C Advisory Board, Team Management, Steering Council (hosts), ...
  • AC Reps (who vote on the charter)

and anyone who influences above

Ideas for approach for getting info

  • Reaching out to key AC Reps for support and testimonials

maybe also:

  • Survey of EOWG Participants gathering information on the usage of WAI site materials and resources. Survey of public. [slh: +1 for EOWG survey. for public, not yet convinced this is efficient or effective way to reach goals?]
  • EOWG talking with non-participant accessibility community acquaintances about their perceptions and use of WAI site materials and resources (collect documentation) [slh: what would we expect to get from this?]
  • Ask people how they would go about teaching and implementing Accessibility if the WAI site didn't exist - Do they know and rely on other resources or depend on WAI resources created through international group consensus [slh: what would we expect to get from this?]

Contents draft

(that is, what will go in W3C Accessibility Education and Outreach or elsewhere?)

... @@ draft outline and notes on content for each section, e.g., ideal length for testimonials, target testimonials from members, others, ...

Archived notes

Survey ideas

rough notes:

  • Who? - who is using the resources that we produce?
    • Developers?
    • Designers?
    • Editors?
    • Students? (Future a11y professionals?)
    • Trainers/Professors?
    • Other?
  • How are they used?
    • Help people understand the standards?
    • Bringing awareness to accessibility?
    • Are people developing training with them?
    • Used to support organizational/company internal accessibility policy?
    • Are people pointing to them so others can self-study?
    • Used to create presentations that support accessibility?
    • Triggering research projects to fill research gaps?
  • What pages do they use most?
    • In the survey, do we link to the main WAI page?
    • Do they find themselves consistently sharing the same pages?
  • What resources would you find useful?
    • Do you think this is a road we want to go down?

What industry do you currently work in?

    • Private Company
    • Non-Profit Organization
    • Education
    • Government
    • Self-Employed

Brainstorm of Potential Questions for a Survey:

  1. Do you have a resource that you find yourself sharing with colleagues or customers most often?
  2. Who do you share resources with most?
  3. Which resources do you use and cite in the development of training or presentations? Please Explain?
  4. Which resources do you use in research for writing articles or research papers? Usability studies?
  5. What resources have you used in the recent past that you think are of particular importance or value to your business?
  6. How does EO help your organization solve, or perhaps alleviate, any of their accessibility challenges?
  7. What industry do you work in?
  8. Is your organization a W3C member?