EOWG Meetings 2024

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Draft minutes are available at the end of the teleconference at the URI: http://www.w3.org/2023/MM/DD-eo-minutes where MM is the month, and DD the date. <-- you have to change that in the linked URI :)

24 May 2024


Chair: Brian

Scribe: Sarah

  1. HPWDUTW Butterfly review
  2. New WAI staff
  3. Changes to EOWG

26 January 2024


Chair: Kris Anne
Scribe: Kris Anne
~ Topic Order: Introductions, Updates, Discussion/Decision/Resolution Topics, Updates that could be bumped, Reminders

  1. Easy Checks (30 minutes)
    1. To-Do Images are ready to be added and we'd like to get feedback from the group.
    2. Discuss Archive placement of original Easy Checks
    3. Changes since last review
      1. A full list of submitted changes are available on Git Hub
      2. Key changes include:
        1. Added instructions for keyboard users
        2. Added instruction to open bookmarks bar
        3. Fixed a number of problems with bookmarklet Javascript
        4. Made introduction page text consistent across all the checks
        5. Added sample images to many pages
        6. Updated Acknowledgemets
        7. Added old version as archive page
        8. Changed 'Heading Structure' to 'Headings'
        9. Many editorial revisions to text
  2. Evaluation Tools List preview
  3. Work for this Week (5 minutes)

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