Curricula on Web Accessibility:
A Framework to Build Your Own Courses


This resource provides a set of role-based curricula to help you create courses on web accessibility. It defines learning outcomes, and provides ideas to teach and assess knowledge.


You can use these curricula in different contexts, including:

You can also use these curricula to compare different course offerings.


Each curriculum contains:

The curricula define:

Each curriculum also specifies competencies that students are expected to have prior to taking a course, and the competences that instructors are expected to have to deliver it.

Future Outline

The table below shows ideas for future curricula. When completed, they will be linked from here. Currently only the first curriculum “Introduction to Web Accessibility” is available.

Developer Designer Author Manager Tester

Introduction to Web Accessibility

  • Structure and Semantics
  • Navigation and Menus
  • Forms and Input Elements
  • Widgets and Interaction
  • Testing Your Content
  • Use of Color
  • Typography
  • Navigation and Orientation
  • Instructions and Feedback
  • Widgets and Interaction
  • Testing Your Content
  • Headings and Structure
  • Text Alternatives for Images
  • Alternatives for Media
  • Document Accessibility
  • Tables and Data Representation
  • Testing Your Content
  • Accessibility Quick Check
  • Business Opportunities
  • Capacity and Capability
  • Tools and Processes
  • Policies and Procurement
  • Understanding Conformance
  • Accessibility Testing Tools
  • Using Assistive Technologies
  • Prioritizing Issues and Repair
  • Maintaining Accessibility
  • Mobile Applications
  • Transactions and Timing
  • Games Accessibility
  • Immersive Environments
  • Testing Your Content
  • Responsive Accessibility
  • Pop-Ups and Dialogs
  • Multi-Page Processes
  • Testing Your Content
  • SVG Accessibility
  • MathML Accessibility
  • Testing Your Content
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