Contacting WAI

Press Inquiries

For press inquiries regarding WAI or web accessibility, please send e-mail to,,

For general W3C press inquires, see How to contact W3C, Press.

Technical, Implementation, and other Support Questions

Many questions are addressed in documents on the WAI site. For example, Understanding WCAG 2.0 provides extensive guidance on making Web sites accessible, including the intent of guidelines and success criteria; how they help people with different disabilities, browser and assistive technology support notes, examples, and resources. The WAI site map lists all documents and search is available to look for specific information.

Current Web accessibility issues are discussed through the WAI mailing lists, which are archived and visible to the public. The WAI Interest Group is a public forum for discussion of issues relating to Web accessibility. If you have a question that might be relevant to the WAI IG list, you can:

Feedback on Specific Documents

To submit comments on a specific document:

If you cannot determine where to send comments, send an e-mail with the document name in the subject line to: and we will forward your message to the appropriate place. Please include permission to send it to a publicly-archived e-mail list.

Feedback on the WAI Web Site

You can submit comments on the overall WAI Web site ( either to a W3C WAI staff list or to a public list:

Comments on other parts of the W3C Web site ( go to:

WAI Staff

If you don’t know who to contact, or to reach all WAI staff, you can e-mail

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