Silver Task Force of the AG WG


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Meetings and Communication

The Silver TF conducts its work using a variety of synchronous and asynchronous tools. Most work is done via email and issues as shown below, supplemented by occasional teleconferences.

These tools are used by participants of the Task Force. For ways non-participants can contribute, see how to participate in the Working Group and file comments.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from previous meetings are available.

Mailing Lists

The Silver TF uses the mailing list (mailing list archives) for email discussion; members of the public can post to this list to send input to the task force. The TF uses the mailing list mailing list archives for adminstrative discussion that is specific to participants in the task force. Participants are automatically subscribed to these mailing lists when they become a participant of the Task Force.

Current Work

See the wiki for current planning and draft documents.


How to Comment, Contribute, and Participate

To join the Silver TF, individuals must be participants of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group. Participants are expected to actively contribute to the work of the Task Force. If you are interested in participating in the Silver TF, please send e-mail to: Jeanne Spellman and Shawn Lauriat and include a little bit about what you’re interested in and how you think that you may be able to contribute to the Task Force. Then follow the participation procedures of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, and once you have joined ask Michael Cooper to add you to the task force.

Current participants in the Silver TF.

In addition to the task force, the Silver Community Group provides a venue to participate in this work without joining the Accessibility Working Group. This is intended for people who do not represent W3C Member organizations and people who wish to be involved but cannot make the full time commitment expected of Task Force participants.

Administrative Information

The Silver TF is a Task Force of the Accessible Guidelines Working Group (AG WG). It assists this Working Group with preliminary development of a new version of Accessibility Guidelines to address current technological and cultural web accessibility requirements and provide a base for continued evolution of the guidelines.

Facilitator and Contacts

Contact the task force leadership and working group chairs by email to

Work Statement

The Silver Task Force Work Statement defines the initial objective, scope, approach, and participation of the Task Force.

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