Reviewing a WAI Translation


The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) welcomes contributions to review volunteer translations, before they are published on the WAI website.

There are 3 steps to contribute as a reviewer:

  1. Find a translation ready for review

  2. Declare your intent to review the translation by a date.

  3. Review the translation and work together with the translator(s) and other reviewer(s).

Step 1: How to find a translation ready for review?

You can find translations to review in the GitHub project we use to track translations:

If you have trouble using this board view, you can look at the equivalent table view , or you can contact us at group-wai-translations@w3.org1.

Step 2: How to volunteer?

New volunteers:

Please send an email to group-wai-translations@w3.org1, expressing your interest in joining the WAI translator volunteers community. We will guide you through the next steps.

Regular volunteers:

Indicate that you are volunteering to review the translation in the related GitHub issue.

Please always indicate the date by which you plan to review the translation. This way, we can ask other volunteers if you are unable to complete the review by this date.

Step 3: How to review a translation?

Review discussions take place directly in the Pull Request(s) opened by the translator. These are listed in the GitHub issue related to the translation.

We encourage you to respectfully share your comments, suggested changes, spotted issues; and to work together with the translator(s) and other reviewer(s) to improve the translation.

The most important things for review are:

For that, you will need to read the English version and compare it to the translation. Often, it is best to have them open in side-by-side windows. A preview is included in most Pull Requests, to see the rendered page.

Specific wording

Things to check

For all translations

  1. There is no code showing in the rendered page.
  2. All of the text that should be translated, is actually translated.
  3. The links work.
  4. In the raw file, all alternative texts and other not-visible content are translated.

For most resources on WAI website

  1. The language codes in the frontmatter are correct.

  2. The information in the “About this translation” box is correct.

    • If translator or contributor names are missing, it is because they are still commented out.
      Delete the hashmark and space (# ) before the lines.
    • Check the dates: one is the date of the translation; the other should usually match the date in the footer.
  3. In the footer, the dates are the same in the English version and the translated version.

  4. For any videos on the page, the [CC] icon of the video player defaults to the translated language.
    See for example Keyboard Compatibility video in French.

    If not, some video subtitles steps are probably missing.

I do not know the translated language, can I help?

Yes, you can still help with reviews by looking for things like:

You can also help find missing content or potential issues with the specific wording.

  1. Emails sent to are not publicly visible.  2 3

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