Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AGWG)

The mission of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group is to develop guidelines to make Web content accessible for people with disabilities and to develop and maintain implementation support materials for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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Current Work

The Working Group maintains a comprehensive list of publications, which include:

The Project Plan details intended timeline and milestones for this work. A list of publications on the W3C Technical Reports page includes completed deliverables that are no longer worked on by the Working Group.

Task Forces

The AG WG uses task forces to focus work on specific projects. Current task forces include:

How to Comment, Contribute, and Participate

The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group engages with stakeholders in a variety of ways. See the following resources for information on:

Meetings and Communication

The AG WG conducts its work using a variety of synchronous and asynchronous tools. The communication page provides details about:

These tools are used by participants of the Working Group. For ways non-participants can contribute, see How to contribute to the Working Group and file comments.

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