APA Video Examples

The following videos highlight the work being performed in APA and within our task forces.

WAI-Adapt Video Example

The WAI-Adapt Task Force created a video to demonstrate a semantic overlay approach to enable user driven personalization, eg. the association of user-preferred symbols with elements having those semantics.

Video Recording

Web Support for People with Cognitive and Learning Disabilities

Pronunciation Video Example

The Spoken Presentation Task Force created a video to demonstrate proposed approaches for controlling pronunciation in spans of web content.

Video Recording

Pronunciation Matters

CSS Media Queries 5 and Personalization - March 10, 2021

A special presentation by Niklaus Schildhauer on CSS Media Queries 5 Opportunities for Personalization and Implementation as Polyfill. This was Nicklaus’ Bachelor thesis for Mobile Media at the Stuttgart Media University. He was advised by Professor Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann.

Video Recording


Note: Adopting Niklaus’ additional Media Queries features will require us to resolve CSS Issue 3488.

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