WAI-Adapt Task Force of the APA WG


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WAI-Adapt Overview

WAI-Adapt Overview provides an overview of the overall WAI-Adapt technique in W3C.

WAI-Adapt Video

There is also a short WAI-Adapt technical video available, it demonstrates a semantic overlay approach to enable user driven personalization, eg. the association of user-preferred symbols with elements having those WAI-Adapt semantics.

Meetings and Communication

The WAI-Adapt Task Force conducts its work using a variety of synchronous and asynchronous tools. This section provides details about:

These tools are used by participants of the Task Force. For ways non-participants can contribute, see how to contribute to the Working Group and file comments.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from previous meetings are available.

Mailing Lists

The WAI-Adapt Task Force uses the public-adapt@w3.org mailing list (mailing list archives) for email discussion. Participants are automatically added to the mailing list when they become a participant of the Task Force.

Current Work

See the wiki for current planning and draft documents.


The WAI-Adapt Task Force published four documents as follow:

See also the WAI-Adapt Task Force GitHub repository.

How to Comment, Contribute, and Participate

To join the WAI-Adapt Task Force, individuals must be participants of the APA WG. Participants are expected to actively contribute to the work of the Task Force. If you are interested in participating in the WAI-Adapt Task Force, please send e-mail to: Lionel Wolberger and include a little bit about what you’re interested in and how you think that you may be able to contribute to the Task Force. Then follow the APA Working Group participation procedures to join the Working Group, and once you have joined ask Ruoxi Ran (Roy) to add you to the task force.

To contribute without joining the task force, see the APA Working Group contribute page for general instructions. To contribute to documents under development, see how to contribute to the source repository directly.

Current participants in the WAI-Adapt Task Force.

Administrative Information

The WAI-Adapt Task Force is a Task Force of the Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) Working Group. It assists this Working Group to mature WAI-Adapt and to incubate WAI-Adapt as an approach to meeting accessibility user requirements across W3C.

Facilitator and Contacts

Work Statement

The WAI-Adapt Task Force Work Statement defines the initial objective, scope, approach, and participation of the Task Force.

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