Developing Web Accessibility Presentations and Training: Overview

WAI offers materials for speakers, lecturers, educators, and other presenters to help their participants understand more about web accessibility. The materials provide a range of information from introductory slides for those new to accessibility, to statistics and demos for experienced trainers. This set of resources includes:


Feel free to use this material as is or adapt it for your specific audience and goals, as long as you attribute it as described in the “Creative Commons License (CC)” section of Using WAI Material.

We encourage you to share accessibility information. Understand your own level of knowledge (no one knows everything about accessibility), and be careful how you address sensitive topics. Be open with your audience about your background and level of expertise. If you get questions that you are unsure about, it’s fine to say that you don’t know the answer. That is a opportunity to look for the answer on the WAI website with your audience, or say that you will find the answer later and then ask the question on the WAI Interest Group mailing list.

See also: For guidance on making your presentations and training accessible to people with disabilities and others in your audience, see How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All.

Share your ideas

You can share your tips, guidance, and suggestions in the Presentations and Training wiki page of the WAI-Engage Web Accessibility Community Group.

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