Easy Checks Next Gen

From Education & Outreach

This page provides information on the next generation of Easy Checks - A First Review of Web Accessibility.


Product spec

Content Updates

  • Address Open Issues
  • Update all content, including related to "tools"
  • Add or edit checks related to 2.1 and 2.2, as appropriate - 2.1 SC-related potential additions
  • Probably put each check on a separate page (as long as have an option for all on one page)
  • Consider retiring the harder checks and/or indicate how easy or hard each check is

Specific instructions, filtering

Consider ways for the resource to provide specific guidance, yet not get so out of date so quickly. For example, consider providing bookmarklets instead of browser-version-specific instructions.

If keep browser-version-specific instructions, consider filtering. The current version includes instructions for: multiple browsers and toolbars, keyboard and mouse, Windows and Mac. Users could filter for which of those they want to show or hide. This could replace the expand-collapse throughout much of the page. Additionally, we might provide filters for users to show or hide the illustrations of the toolbars, etc. This would also significantly shorten the page. GitHub Issue #9

Another idea was to have versions for specific tools - especially free tools, like, perhaps WAVE, and we would recruit someone related to that tool to keep that up-to-date.


Proposal is to provide screencasts (short videos) for many of the "To check..." sections.

Example screencasts from Tetralogical: tetralogical.com/blog/2022/01/18/quick-accessibility-tests-anyone-can-do/

Video intro

Idea to provide a short video introducing how to use Easy Checks.

Update: We now have a 1 minute video introducing Easy Checks, but not how to use it.