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Easy Checks Next Gen

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This page provides information on a proposed project to develop the next generation of Easy Checks - A First Review of Web Accessibility.


Product spec


The current version includes instructions for:

  • multiple browsers and toolbars
  • keyboard and mouse
  • Windows and Mac

Proposal is for users to be able to filter for which of those they want to show or hide. (This could would replace the expand-collapse throughout much of the page.) Additionally, we might provide filter for users to show or hide the illustrations of the toolbars, etc. This would also significantly shorten the page.

(This is GitHub Issue #9)


Proposal is to provide screencasts (short videos) for many of the "To check..." sections.

Video intro

Idea to provide a short video introducing how to use Easy Checks.

Open Issues

There are several misc Open Issues, mostly related to content changes, that we would address in this revision.

Consider re-titling since it's not really that easy for some people. [@@ link to previous discussions]