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Promoting UAAG

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We welcome your help telling developers of browsers, media players, web applications, assistive technologies, plug-ins, extensions, accessibility APIs (application programming interfaces) — and anyone interested in web accessibility about UAAG.
You are welcome to use the sample wording below for your own blog posts, newsletter articles, etc.
If you write a blog, newsletter article, or such, please let us know by sending e-mail to and we'll add it to our list.

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2013 EOWG Recent Contacts

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  • Knowbility tweet sent 12 Nov 13: @w3c_wai is busy at #tpac2013: UAAG 2.0 Last Call Working Draft ready for review now. #a11y attn: browser, AT makers {Sharron}
  • Knowbility tweet sent 05 Nov 13: Your comments needed for @w3_wai's Last Call Working Draft of: WAI-ARIA 1.0 User Agent Implementation Guide {Sharron}
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