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(Promoting ATAG 2.0 is now in a separate page.)

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Audience & Messages


  1. Users of authoring tools, general public to raise awareness of relation to other standards
  2. Tool makers and vendors to understand that WAI has resources to guide them
  3. Procurement staff, buyer to include in purchasing process
  4. Policy makers to reference ATAG in policy documents


  1. Developers are not solely responsible for accessibility. Vendors who make authoring software, evaluation tools, browsers and extensions, assistive technologies, and other web related software also have responsibility to follow ATAG, UAAG, and WAI-ARIA to create coherent, systematic support for accessibility.
  2. Many accessibility problems will be solved when authoring tools follow ATAG
  3. Browsers and assistive technologies can support accessibility progress by following UUAG
  4. WCAG applies to web apps, too
  5. WAI-ARIA helps accessibility keep pace with technology advances
  6. WAI guidelines cover mobile as well
  7. As you use particular application, such as new browsers, blogging and content management software,and learning management systems, advocacy from within that community is a powerful way to improve conformance with WAI Guidelines.
  8. (maybe do use cases to show which guidelines to use in different situations)
  9. ...


  • blog posts by EOWG participants and encourage others
    • Sharron - about search for accessible LMS and relation to ATAG
    • ...
    • (Wayne on Knowbility Nov 2011)
  • video - all guidelines draft script
  • newsletter blurbs
    • A List Apart under "Build accessibility in, ftw" (ftw = for the win, afaik (afaik = as far as I know :-)) "I learned about accessibility support in video editing tools, and wished for more—it would have saved a lot of time and effort. Several designers and developers I talked to in 2011 are calling for better accessibility support in the tools they use to design the user experience of websites and apps. (See ATAG 2.0)"

Draft posts/blurbs


Tweet ideas

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  1. Accessibility is not a solo act! WAI Guidelines include techniques for toolmakers, browsers and others
  2. Developers don't do it alone, they do it with WCAG AND WAI-ARIA
  3. Javascripters do it best with WAI-ARIA
  4. Shopping for a CMS? Ask about ATAG for #accessibility
  5. Access to technology is a human right says the UN. We all have a part to play
  6. Has anybody found a media player that meets the #accessibility requirements of UAAG?
  7. Designing with Progressive Enhancement? Brush up on components for #accessibility at W3C WAI
  8. Schoolkids with disabilities need access! A smart vendor would use ATAG and help teachers include all kids.