Outreach for ATAG 2.0

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Outreach Goals and Framework

Two major goals were identified:

  1. Persuade toolmakers to submit their ATAG implementations for testing.
  2. Recruit experts to test submitted implementations.

In support of these goals, EO created an Elevator Pitch, the current version of which is found below. Also, updated the ATAG Overview page of the WAI website. Additional ideas that have not yet been incorporated are:

  • Conduct Interviews. Make appointments with authoring tool representatives, distributors, and/or implementers. Ask questions in plain language that will help them understand if and how their tools meet the SC. Ask questions, prompt conversations aligned with ATAG Checklist, but much simplified.
  • Post Surveys. Create surveys that interpret the SCs in a way that target audiences can easily understand and respond Yes/No to with text input for detail
  • Outreach Page On WAI-Engage wiki (?) or elsewhere post a page with examples that demonstrate what it means to meet SCs
  • Use WAI-Engage Now that some implementers and testers have been recruited, move the management of the actual testing to the public wiki.
  • Other Activity please add your ideas and explanation here {name/date}

Elevator Pitch

Current Suggestion for Short Elevator Pitch

ATAG – the Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines support WCAG by creating a solid framework by which two goals are accomplished: make it easier for all web authors and/or developers to create accessible content and enable people with disabilities to use those tools." {Vicki - 13 March}

  • If people are going to make up their own sentences/phrasing then provide a 'list of points to include such as:
    • ATAG stands for Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines
    • It guides development of tools
      • to help you write more accessible pages without having to be an accessibility expert
      • that can be used by people with disabilities
    • and you can encourage your authoring tool vendor to adopt it or ask if your tool follows it {Andrew, 2014.03.15}
  • comment {name}

Discussion Points

Following the brief intro provided by the Elevator Pitch, discussion may be invited. The following is a suggestion for further discussion:

Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) help authoring tool developers create more accessible products that produce more accessible content. People with disabilities need to be able to use authoring tools, and ATAG provides helpful guidance in areas specific to authoring tools, like an accessible editing view. When the tool helps produce more accessible content, it improves accessibility at a lower training cost than traditional tools, and helps avoid costly revisions to add accessibility later. Buyers or purchasing agents of authoring tools can use ATAG for guidance in evaluating the accessibility of a tool. {Jeanne, 4 Dec}

  • comment {name}

Outreach Audience Definition

EO has identified the following audiences for the outreach effort.

Makers of Authoring Tools, including CMS, LMS, and similar

  • Goal: Persuade authoring tool makers to share examples of implementation techniques and capabilities.
  • Message should include:
    • Clear explanation of the submission process
    • How submissions will be evaluated
    • Benefits to tool maker of sharing implementations
    • Benefits to community
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: add text here {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}


  • Goal: Raise awareness among tool aggregators and persuade them to collaborate and integrate accessibility into their products and services.
  • Message should include:
    • The importance of their role
    • alert them to their responsibility in the overall accessibility ecosystem.
    • Encourage them to consider ATAG and develop accessibility features in their products
    • Show them a clear pathway into into the submission and evaluation process
    • Encourage 2-way communication, including benefits to themselves and the greater community
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}


  • Goal: Encourage them to understand the accessibility features and not override them or break ATAG conformance when implementing
  • Message should include:
    • Awareness of new accessibility being built in to some of these tools
    • Understanding of how to maintain those features in their implementations
    • Not to turn off the features in default installations
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}


  • Goal: generate awareness among those with procurement responsibility of the power they have in the ATAG implementation process.
  • Message should include:
    • How procurement fits and is powerful
    • Responsibility
    • How their role is supported
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}

Software conversion tools

  • Goal: heighten awareness among makers of software that converts documents to web pages of their responsibilities, persuade them to implement ATAG and share results.
  • Message should include:
    • This means YOU message (more gently said, like did you know that if...)
    • Call for impelentation examples
    • etc
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}

Multimedia toolmakers

  • Goal: Enlist support for ATAG from multimedia tool vendors
  • Message should include:
    • More narrow focus
    • emphasis on synchronized alternatives
    • raise awareness of existing supports
    • Examples
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}

User Content Authors

  • Goal: get web site authors to develop, implement, and share techniques for improved ATAG conformance on websites that let users add content, such as blogs, wikis, photo sharing sites, online forums, and social networking sites
  • Message should include:
    • Generalized focus
    • This means YOU message (but more gently said, like did you know that if...)
    • Examples
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}

Other types of tools

  • Goal: General outreach, less specific to raise awareness and collaboration within community, including the tools listed in the glossary definition of authoring tools (or [ATAG Overview http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/atag.php]
  • Message should include:
    • General focus
    • What is ATAG messaging
    • Explanation, pointing to Components
    • Other {name, date}
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}

Accessibility testers

  • Goal: Get help in testing the implementation that are submitted
  • Message should include:
    • Call for participation
    • Clear explanation of how to qualify
    • Estimate of time commitment
    • Benefits to testing volunteers
    • Benefits to community
    • Examples
  • Suggested text: {name, date}
    • comment {name, date}

Identify Specific Companies

Identify W3C member organizations and others who may be contacted for implementation requests. Where possible, identify a specifc person to contact. Possibly begin with Top Choice List such as:

  • Top 20 LMS
  • Top 10 CMS
  • Top 7 Authoring Tools
  • Additional suggestions:
    • Web page building tool used in K-12 education and elsewhere Weebly
    • Open Source tools - do we want to separate these from the commercial tools? {Andrew}
    • Accessibility testers - these will be key for checking local implementations/integrations
    • Maybe we start with W3C members that have CMSs {Andrew}
    • Suggestion {name}

General Outreach

In addition to targeted outreach, cast a wide net. Distribute the message of the need for implementations far and wide thorugh social media, blog posts, notices to listserves, etc.


Suggested text:

  • Suggestion here {name}

Emails created and posted

  • Invitation for ATAG 2.0 Implementation Testing WAI-IG list 2013-Nov-07 {Shawn}
    • Forwarded the WAI-IG email to several CMS developers/integrators in Australia suggesting they participate in the implementation demonstration {Andrew}
  • [ link to email post] {Name, date}

Conference Presentations

Note: Contacts for promotion is an overall list. Let's put here only the ones that we will specifically target for ATAG. Suggest text or provide link:

Accepted/presented ATAG outreach talk

  • Jeanne Spellman, CSUN 2014
  • Presenter, conference, date

Blog Posts

Suggest text:

  • Suggestion {name}

Blog written and posted

[ link to blog post] {Name, date}


Suggested text for Tweet:

Messages tweeted

  • @drupala11y Hoping that you all can participate in @w3c_wai ATAG implementation now in Candidate Rec. http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/atag.php#help Posted by: Knowbility ‏@knowbility {Sharron, 16 April 2014}
  • @WPAccessibility Will you be part of the ATAG implementation testing? Great way to highlight your progress http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/atag.php#help Posted by: Knowbility ‏@knowbility {Sharron, 16 April 2014}
  • tweet text {Name, date}

Miscellaneous Other Outreach Ideas

Please add to the plan whatever has been overlooked.