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Suggested format for listings:

  • What it is - contact person (who knows how to contact them). Notes on what types of material is most relevant for it/them.

W3C & WAI channels

General Web designer & developer

Note: One contact for each document being promoted may wish to set up a few Google Alerts with relevant phrases in order to monitor and document where references to that document are being made.

Lists & Misc:

Web Accessibility focused

Lists & Misc:



Disability focused

  • Helen Walsh - Diverse Disability Media - DDM - <diversedisabilitymedia @ comcast.[basketball___]>

Organizations that have blogs, newsletters, lists, etc.:


  • LF Legal [especially for policies and standards harmonization)


E-mail lists:

  • (subscribed: Jennifer)
  • VICUG-L@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG 285 members (subscribed: Jennifer)


  • ...


  • Medium
  • HuffPost


The following reporters have covered web accessibility and might be interested in covering more.

Miscellaneous Items That Need Closer Review/Consideration

  • See if any of these blogs seem worth hand-picking
  • See if any of these associations seem worth targeting