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We very much welcome your help telling everyone about Making Audio and Video Media Accessible.
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  • Know anyone recording for a remote conference presentation?
    Here’s how to make it more accessible:
    (Recent updates are listed in the changelog, linked in the footer.)
    #video #recording #tips #multimedia #av #a11y #remote #inclusion
    20 Jan 2021 tweet

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  • Added to AIR training (@@ Sharron to provide links or more info)
  • Showed resource in conference keynote Shawn 1 Oct 2019

Internal sharings:

  • Brent shared internally at Pearson as part of (US) Disability Employment Awareness Month October Activities - 2 Oct 2019
  • Kevin shared internally on Yammer network targeting communications teams specifically - 25 Sept 2019
  • Laura shared internally with Library of Congress' Accessibility List and developer Slack channel - 13 Sept 2019
  • Shawn mentioned in WAI Coordination Call and e-mails on 11 Sept; introduced in W3C Team meeting and e-mail - 12 Sept 2019
  • Kris Anne shared internally at ETS as a whole organization and with our internal Learning and Media groups specifically - 10 Sept 2019

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Ideas for reaching new audiences with this resource? Particularly for this new user scenario:

[novice video maker]   I'm recording a video presentation for a remote conference (and I'm already a bit overwhelmed about it). What do I need to do for accessibility?

  • @@ idea! [name]
  • @@ idea! [name]
  • @@ idea! [name]