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HTML course comments

W3C EdX HTML5 course

  • New elements and accessibility
    I like the new elements and plan to use them. I have not been as diligent about accessibility as I should have been. The course makes me realize how shortsighted and irresponsible that is, and motivates me to make my sites accessible going forward.
  • Accessibility issues continue
    I started building websites in the 1980s, and since I worked with people unable to read regular print material, I learned early on to make the webpages accessible to screen readers and enlargers. Of course, much has changed since then, when nearly all one had to do was add ALT tags to images. I'm glad to see it is being discussed here!
  • great to see accessibility brought in at the beginning
    I really appreciate the inclusion of accessibility concerns in these beginning dicussions as it it so often an after thought.
    I am also pleased to see accessibility concerns. I had not thought much about it until I began studying this course, and right away, I have learned something new.
  • Good to know about accessibility
    I think I made a good decision to take this course. I heard about the term accessibility, but i never know what i should do with it. Now i know, and i think it is really important. I will definitely use the best practice taught in this course for my work. I am really enjoying this course. Thank you.
  • Excellent Details
    I'm really glad I'm taking this course. I'm a big fan of doing things by following standards and this will help me create my websites more user friendly. Yes, I do plan to use the new structural elements in my immediate web design. I have never heard about *accessibility* before. The best practices presented in this lecture will definitely help me achieve better results.
    I have created several websites in the past, but I don't think they are compliant as I have just learnt today :) Hmmm, back to the drawing board.
  • Week 1 Post
    While I am familiar with HTML, I am not an experienced developer (I took one Web development course and we used HTML4 and the div element heavily). These new standards make a lot of sense to me and I will certainly apply them.
    I have heard of accessibility; however, I have not considered it at the level presented here. In teaching some online courses, I always made sure to provide text descriptions of images, but relied on LMS to manage the rest. This is great information and really makes me think that developers should test content for accessibility at a higher level.
  • New Structural elements
    I was lacking of this methodology and the theory of the structural elements, barely I had read some references and went right into coding without knowing a thing about accesbility, now that I understand the basis of those concepts I can picture every code I have written adaptep to a simple structure and I´m playing to convert every code to a more accesable structure :D this site rocks!
  • Seizure-provoking content
    I really appreciate this information on accessibility. Though I checked the links for further info, I was unable to locate info on content that provokes seizures. Can you post a link or direct me to where I can find that info on the page?
    [(another student gave her the answer)]

Ideas for columns


  • Mobile & accessibility overlap, how WAI's guidelines cover "mobile accessibility", cool new work on IndieUI
  • Difference between ARIA & accessibility
  • Using the Before and After Demonstration to understand and teach accessibility
  • Encouraging your authoring tool to meet ATAG, in order to make your life easier!
  • What is accessibility with future-oriented stuff
  • How WAI guidelines relates to other things in the world
  • Accessible gaming
  • Accessibility fuels innovation (e.g., many of the features of your mobile phone were initially developed for people with disabilities - including the phone itself ages ago!)
  • Why & How to Make Presentations Accessible to All
  • ...