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Promoting Getting Started Tips

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We welcome your help telling everyone about Tips for Getting Started with Web Accessibility.
You are welcome to use the sample wording below for your own blog posts, newsletter articles, etc.
If you write a blog, newsletter article, or such, please let us know by sending e-mail to and we'll add it to our list. Thanks!

Resources & Pointers

Tweet ideas you can use

E-mail ideas you can use

EOWG planning & record keeping

Audiences & Messages for Outreach

  • Government agencies
  • Professional associations of developers, web managers, etc
  • University web folks
  • Meetups
  • Linked in groups
  • Bloggers online influencers
  • Publishers
  • UX community
  • WAI community, W3C internal communications
  • ...

Blog & newsletter ideas

  • Poster child tip, interest encourages entry to other tips
  • David Berman will blog with reference to Tips/use a signature, bio blurb
  • NTEN, TechSoup, other NPO newsletters - Sharron will write a blurb to circulate
  • Develop blurb, Howard to circulate to higher ed newsletter, AHEAD listserve, etc
  • Whenever you publish anything (like David's white paper with 3Play Media) add reference to QSTips
  • Howard's webinar on Universal Design making curriculum accessible. Planning to mention WAI resources, will make the Tips another push.
  • Consider doing a webinar on WAI resources (or specifically the Tips) at 3Play Media
  • Integrating WAI resources - particularly the Tips - into corporate training
  • ...

Tweet ideas

  • Hashtag suggestions #WAItips
  • Push out a tip a week
    • This seems like it would be annoying noise, and not useful {Shawn}
  • WAI tweet 1 October

short URI:

To Do

  • ...


  1. {George, 5 Oct}
  2. Twitter