W3C WAI Interactive Update 2020-07July

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  • "Join us today for the @w3c_wai Interactive Update: Guidelines, Emerging Technologies, and New Resources - #a11y #accessibility #web" link
  • "Today, we have the 'dress rehersal' in preparation for tomorrow's event. Hope you can join us on the day. #a11y" link
  • RT "This week - join W3C WAI Staff for an Interactive Update on Guidelines, Emerging Technologies, and New Resources --

online Thursday 23 July 2020 - and recorded for later. Info and registration from: https://knowbility.org/services/online-training/w3c-wai-interactive-update/"


  • Yatil "Super impressed with the workshop my former @w3c_wai colleagues set up today with @knowbility (you know, my current colleagues :-)) – I think all participants have learned a ton. Thanks to @shawn_slh @sabouzah @hdv @charadani @cooper_w3c @SteveALee, Roy and Judy" Thread
  • Steve - "If you missed today's event then you will find lots of practical #accessibility content on our website - https://w3.org/WAI/ #a11y" Thread
  • "dynamite presentation by @SteveALee regarding cognitive disabilities—such an important discussion in the accessibility space, and one focus needs to continue to be highlighted, in my opinion." link