Presentation at AHG2016 - Walk through WAI Resources

From Education & Outreach

Date: 16 November 2016

Location: Accessing Higher Ground Conference, Boulder Colorado

Event: 2 1/2 hour hands-on presentation (recorded by organizers)

Presenters: Shawn, Sharron (+ Eric for Quick Ref)

About 30 live participants followed the slides and worked on their own laptops or local workstations where they could explore the resources and tools as they were introduced.

  1. Introduction to accessibility concepts
    • Don't start with technical specification (Guidelines)
    • Start by understanding need - People!
  2. WAI resources to help build understanding
  3. Create context for Technical Specifications
  4. Approaching the Guidelines
    • Overview Documents
    • Structure
      • Principles
      • Specification (Guidelines text)
      • Understanding (who is it for, what does it achieve)
      • Techniques, Authoring Guide (specific practices to meet requirements)
    • Filtering and Applying Guidelines
  5. Teaching and Evaluation Tools
  6. Participation
    • Use of email lists and GitHub
    • Guidance on re-use of materials Using WAI materials
    • Discussion of more formal participation options.

The workshop was highly interactive, received active feedback, participants signed in and even created a GitHub issue during the afternoon.