There are 240 issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product
ISSUE-1 CLOSED Reification 2007-01-24 RDFa
ISSUE-2 CLOSED Custom Attributes for RDF shorthand 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-3 CLOSED Role Attribute for RDF type declarations 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-4 CLOSED (Local) blank node identifiers 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-5 CLOSED CURIEs in Predicate Attributes 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-6 CLOSED xml:lang 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-7 CLOSED Comments from Christian Hoertnagl 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-8 POSTPONED RDFa Containers: addressing the proposal and in particular DL 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-9 POSTPONED Nested meta's and link's 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-10 CLOSED XHTML 1.1 Namespace doesn't end in / or # 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-11 CLOSED RDFa Primer document 2007-01-30 RDFa
ISSUE-12 POSTPONED RDFa Syntax document does not include the nested METAs use case scenario 2007-02-05 RDFa
ISSUE-13 CLOSED Old Issues list obsoleted as of 2007-01-31 2007-02-07 RDFa
ISSUE-14 CLOSED Apache configuration 2007-02-13 Recipes
ISSUE-15 CLOSED Extended configuration 2007-02-13 Recipes
ISSUE-16 CLOSED Default behavior 2007-02-13 Recipes
ISSUE-17 CLOSED Recipe 6 is incomplete 2007-02-13 Recipes
ISSUE-18 CLOSED QA Review comments from Karl Dubost 2007-02-13 Recipes
ISSUE-19 CLOSED Recipes should supply a general server configuration template 2007-02-13 Recipes
ISSUE-20 CLOSED Online server testing 2007-02-14 Recipes
ISSUE-21 CLOSED Apache configuration should add that mod_rewrite must be loaded and enabled 2007-02-14 Recipes
ISSUE-22 CLOSED Questioning reference to 'IE6 hack' 2007-02-14 Recipes
ISSUE-23 CLOSED There should be some discussion of alternatives to .htaccess 2007-02-14 Recipes
ISSUE-24 POSTPONED Additional text explaining redirect choices in the recipes 2007-02-14 Recipes
ISSUE-25 CLOSED Default Datatype (rdf:XMLLiteral) 2007-02-16 RDFa
ISSUE-26 CLOSED RelationshipsBetweenLabels 2007-02-20 SKOS
ISSUE-27 CLOSED AnnotationOnLabel 2007-02-27 SKOS
ISSUE-28 CLOSED How does one Follow One's Nose 2007-03-12 RDFa
ISSUE-29 CLOSED What is the MIME type for an HTML+RDFa document? 2007-03-12 RDFa
ISSUE-30 POSTPONED Determine how and if RDDL relates to the Recipes 2007-03-13 Recipes
ISSUE-31 CLOSED BasicLexicalLabelSemantics 2007-03-19 SKOS
ISSUE-32 CLOSED ConceptSchemeLabellingInteractions 2007-03-19 SKOS
ISSUE-33 CLOSED GroupingInConceptHierarchies 2007-03-26 SKOS
ISSUE-34 CLOSED HREF attribute on elements other than A and LINK 2007-04-10 RDFa
ISSUE-35 POSTPONED RulesAndConformance 2007-05-29 SKOS
ISSUE-36 CLOSED ConceptSchemeContainment 2007-05-29 SKOS
ISSUE-37 CLOSED SkosSpecialization 2007-05-29 SKOS
ISSUE-38 POSTPONED CompatibilityWithOWL-DL 2007-05-29 SKOS
ISSUE-39 CLOSED ConceptualMappingLinks 2007-05-29 SKOS
ISSUE-40 POSTPONED ConceptCoordination 2007-05-29 SKOS
ISSUE-41 CLOSED UseLangTagsInExamples 2007-05-29 SKOS
ISSUE-42 CLOSED How does RDFa handle the @SRC attribute? 2007-06-13 RDFa
ISSUE-43 CLOSED Primer should link to the URIs of the assumed namespaces (e.g. cc, foaf,...) 2007-06-13 RDFa
ISSUE-44 CLOSED BroaderNarrowerSemantics 2007-06-15 SKOS
ISSUE-45 POSTPONED NaryLinksBetweenDescriptorsAndNonDescriptors 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-46 CLOSED IndexingAndNonIndexingConcepts 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-47 CLOSED MappingProvenanceInformation 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-48 CLOSED IndexingRelationship 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-49 CLOSED LexicalMappingLinks 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-50 CLOSED CompatibilityWithDC 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-51 CLOSED CompatibilityWithISO11179 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-52 CLOSED CompatibilityWithISO2788 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-53 CLOSED CompatibilityWithISO5964 2007-06-16 SKOS
ISSUE-54 CLOSED ConceptSemantics 2007-06-26 SKOS
ISSUE-55 CLOSED CURIEs or QNames in XHTML1.1+RDFa, 2007-06-27 RDFa
ISSUE-56 POSTPONED ReferenceSemanticRelationshipSpecializations 2007-07-03 SKOS
ISSUE-57 CLOSED xml:base meaningful in XHTML1.1+RDFa? 2007-07-05 RDFa
ISSUE-58 CLOSED .htaccess 'accept header' ONLY responds to a header which EXACTLY matches 2007-07-17 Recipes
ISSUE-59 CLOSED xml:base support 2007-08-10 RDFa
ISSUE-60 CLOSED Guidelines needed for proper construction of vocabulary scheme and 'term' URIs 2007-09-18 Recipes
ISSUE-61 CLOSED namespace for non-prefixed values of @rel 2007-10-04 RDFa
ISSUE-62 CLOSED phentermine 2007-11-06 RDFa
ISSUE-63 CLOSED White-Space Canonicalization of XML Literals 2007-11-09 RDFa
ISSUE-64 CLOSED TextualDescriptionsForConcepts 2007-11-20 SKOS
ISSUE-65 CLOSED XMLLiteralNotes 2007-11-20 SKOS
ISSUE-66 CLOSED What is the Subject of @instanceof ? 2007-11-29 RDFa
ISSUE-67 CLOSED StatingFormalDefinitions 2008-01-08 SKOS
ISSUE-68 CLOSED RelatedIrreflexive 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-69 CLOSED BroaderIrreflexive 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-70 CLOSED BroaderCycles 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-71 CLOSED ParallelMappingVocabulary 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-72 CLOSED ExactMatchTransitive 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-73 CLOSED ExactMatchDisjoints 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-74 CLOSED MappingPropertyConventions 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-75 CLOSED ExactMatchInclusions 2008-01-16 SKOS
ISSUE-76 CLOSED SymbolicLabels 2008-01-17 SKOS
ISSUE-77 CLOSED SubjectIndexing 2008-01-17 SKOS
ISSUE-78 CLOSED SubjectIndicators 2008-01-17 SKOS
ISSUE-79 CLOSED Notations 2008-01-17 SKOS
ISSUE-80 CLOSED SKOS-OWL-Patterns 2008-01-17 SKOS
ISSUE-81 CLOSED LabelRelationsNaming 2008-01-17 SKOS
ISSUE-82 CLOSED PropertyNames 2008-01-22 SKOS
ISSUE-83 CLOSED SemanticsOfSchemeContainmentProperties 2008-01-22 SKOS
ISSUE-84 POSTPONED ConstructionOfSystematicDisplaysFromGroupings 2008-01-23 SKOS
ISSUE-85 CLOSED Self-describing Web - media type 2008-02-15 RDFa
ISSUE-86 CLOSED SkosURIDereferenceBehaviour 2008-02-21 SKOS
ISSUE-87 CLOSED Last Call Comment: text bugs in Sections 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 of Syntax 2008-02-26 RDFa
ISSUE-88 CLOSED Last Call Comment: processing bug in setting of datatype with @content in Syntax 2008-02-26 RDFa
ISSUE-89 SUBSUMED Last Call Comment: confusion regarding completion of hanging triples across intermediate HTML elements 2008-02-26 RDFa
ISSUE-90 CLOSED Last Call Comment: adding top and first as reserved @rel and @rev values 2008-02-26 RDFa
ISSUE-91 CLOSED Last Call Comment: informative section on other XML dialects states a requirement 2008-02-26 RDFa
ISSUE-92 CLOSED Last Call Comment: resolution of @about= 2008-02-27 RDFa
ISSUE-93 CLOSED Last Call Comment: editorial bug in 5.5 processing rule 4 2008-03-04 RDFa
ISSUE-94 CLOSED Last Call Comment: editorial bug in 5.5 processing rule 13 2008-03-04 RDFa
ISSUE-95 CLOSED Last Call Comment: editorial typo in 5.4, paragraph 3 2008-03-04 RDFa
ISSUE-96 CLOSED Last Call Comment: editorial imprecision in 5.4.3 2008-03-04 RDFa
ISSUE-97 CLOSED Last Call Comment: handing of namespaces and canonicalization of XML literals 2008-03-06 RDFa
ISSUE-98 POSTPONED URI escaping in SPARQL query in Recipe 6 2008-03-16 Recipes
ISSUE-99 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Editorial Bug in @src example in Section 5.3 2008-03-20 RDFa
ISSUE-100 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Bug in Step 11 of Processing rules, as evidenced by Test Case 58 2008-03-20 RDFa
ISSUE-101 CLOSED Last Call Comment: garbage collecting 2008-03-20 RDFa
ISSUE-102 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Better name than 'instanceof' is needed 2008-03-20 RDFa
ISSUE-103 CLOSED Last Call Comment: a URI-centric approach to CURIEs 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-104 PENDING CR Comment: Provide complete datatype definitions 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-105 CLOSED Last Call Comment: a few editorial notes 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-106 CLOSED Last Call Comment: TimBL on a few architectural points of RDFa 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-107 CLOSED Last Call Comment: missing summary text 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-108 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Ambiguous otherwise step 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-109 CLOSED Last Call Comment: do something with @cite 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-110 CLOSED Last Call Comment: why is @src the same as @about instead of @href? 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-111 CLOSED Last Call Comment: XSLT and Conformance Levels 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-112 CLOSED Last Call Comment: describe algorithm in functional terms, too 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-113 CLOSED Last Call Comment: clarify situation around document fragments containing RDFa 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-114 CLOSED Last Call Comment: RDFa specified for static pages, what about dynamic content? 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-115 CLOSED Last Call Comment: issues with @content 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-116 CLOSED Last Call Comment: use CURIE prefix other than xmlns for future HTML compatibility 2008-04-03 RDFa
ISSUE-117 CLOSED Deprecated Vocabulary 2008-04-17 SKOS
ISSUE-118 RAISED Deprecating Terms or Modifying Terms 2008-04-17 VM
ISSUE-119 CLOSED SkosImports 2008-04-29 SKOS
ISSUE-120 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Ambiguous Situation with nested @rel where inner @rel is neither CURIE nor link type 2008-05-09 RDFa
ISSUE-121 CLOSED CR Comment: clarification of default namespace 2008-06-19 RDFa
ISSUE-122 PENDING CR Comment: Comments on Syntax from Alan Ruttenberg 2008-07-09 RDFa
ISSUE-123 CLOSED ImplementingIssue83Resolution 2008-07-30 SKOS
ISSUE-124 CLOSED CR Comment: reservations about use of RDFa attributes in head 2008-08-05 RDFa
ISSUE-125 CLOSED CR Comment: comment on section 2.1 @name 2008-08-14 RDFa
ISSUE-126 POSTPONED CR Comment: conformance for markup, a processor, or both? 2008-08-28 RDFa
ISSUE-127 CLOSED CR Comment: [Noah Mendelsohn] Comments on RDFa in XHTML: Syntax and processing 2008-08-28 RDFa
ISSUE-128 CLOSED PR Comment: Default Graph 2008-09-20 RDFa
ISSUE-129 CLOSED Last Call Comment: S9 skos:ConceptScheme is disjoint with skos:Concept 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-130 CLOSED Last Call Comment: skos:hasTopConcept and skos:topConceptOf 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-131 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: mappings with a boolean expression 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-132 CLOSED Last Call Comment: error in section 1.7 example 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-133 CLOSED Last Call Comment: domain of skos:inScheme 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-134 CLOSED Last Call Comment: owl:inverseOf 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-135 CLOSED Last Call Comment: rdfs:label 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-136 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: plain literal ranges and internationalisation 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-137 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: property disjointness 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-138 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: S14 skos:prefLabel 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-139 CLOSED Last Call Comment: example 16 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-140 CLOSED Last Call Comment: notations 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-141 CLOSED Last Call Comment: almost-duplicate examples 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-142 CLOSED Last Call Comment: 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-143 CLOSED Last Call Comment: example 47 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-144 CLOSED Last Call Comment: S44. S45 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-145 CLOSED Last Call Comment: property chains 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-146 CLOSED Last Call Comment: broadMatch and skos:narrowMatch should be used only when there are no exact or close matches for the term elsewhere? 2008-09-30 SKOS
ISSUE-147 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Notations as plain literals 2008-10-01 SKOS
ISSUE-148 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Irreflexive and noncyclical hierarchies 2008-10-01 SKOS
ISSUE-149 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: Asymmetric associations 2008-10-01 SKOS
ISSUE-150 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: Subsumption hierarchies 2008-10-01 SKOS
ISSUE-151 CLOSED Last Call Comment: skos:member definition 2008-10-01 SKOS
ISSUE-152 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Prefix for extension labels 2008-10-01 SKOS
ISSUE-153 CLOSED Last Call Comment: SKOS namespace change question 2008-10-02 SKOS
ISSUE-154 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Formality in SKOS Reference 2008-10-02 SKOS
ISSUE-155 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: SKOS in OWL 2 2008-10-02 SKOS
ISSUE-156 CLOSED Last Call Comment: SKOS Notations and Datatypes 2008-10-02 SKOS
ISSUE-157 CLOSED Last Call Comment: SKOS and OWL 2 analysis 2008-10-02 SKOS
ISSUE-158 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Turtle Notation 2008-10-02 SKOS
ISSUE-159 CLOSED PR Comment: RDFa CURIE prefixes containing 2008-10-02 RDFa
ISSUE-160 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Allowing collections in semantic relationships 2008-10-04 SKOS
ISSUE-161 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Argument on KOS purposes in SKOS Reference 2008-10-04 SKOS
ISSUE-162 CLOSED Last Call Comment: SKOS specialisation in SKOS Reference 2008-10-04 SKOS
ISSUE-163 CLOSED Note on transitivity (SKOS Primer) 2008-10-04 SKOS
ISSUE-164 CLOSED Extension vs mapping (SKOS Primer) 2008-10-04 SKOS
ISSUE-165 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Reference to RDF Concepts 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-166 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Turtle Notation II 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-167 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Application Behaviour re. Top Concepts 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-168 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Language Tags 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-169 CLOSED Last Call Comment: BCP Reference 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-170 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Language Tags II 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-171 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Range of skos:member 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-172 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Well Formed Lists 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-173 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Section 9.6.4 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-174 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Cycles and skos:closeMatch 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-175 CLOSED Last Call Comment: SKOS namespace change question II 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-176 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: Mapping vocabulary constraints 2008-10-06 SKOS
ISSUE-177 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Labelling Normative Material 2008-10-07 SKOS
ISSUE-178 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: PFWG: Semantic Relations 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-179 CLOSED Last Call Comment: PFWG: Lexical Labels 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-180 POSTPONED Last Call Comment: PFWG: skosxl:Label class 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-181 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Non Assignable Concepts 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-182 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Index Terms 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-183 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Class-Topic relationships 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-184 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Notation and prefLabel overlap 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-185 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Order in Classification Systems 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-186 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Mappings 2008-10-08 SKOS
ISSUE-187 CLOSED Last Call Comment: skos:mappingRelation and skos:semanticRelation 2008-12-02 SKOS
ISSUE-188 CLOSED LAST CALL COMMENT: Felix Sasaki I18N comment re japanese scripts 2009-01-27 SKOS
ISSUE-189 CLOSED Unicity of prefLabel rule (SKOS Primer) 2009-02-10 SKOS
ISSUE-190 CLOSED Last Call Comment: Unicity of prefLabel (comment in SKOS RDF) 2009-02-10 SKOS
ISSUE-191 CLOSED Last Call Comment: reference filtering in RFC 4647 2009-03-10 SKOS
ISSUE-192 CLOSED CR Comment: missing bracket in example 44 2009-04-01 SKOS
ISSUE-193 RAISED HTML served to browser even when RDF is explicitely requested in the Accept header 2009-04-06 Recipes
ISSUE-194 RAISED SKOS Implementation: UMBEL Vocabulary 2009-04-16 SKOS
ISSUE-195 RAISED SKOS Implementation: UMBEL Web Services 2009-04-16 SKOS
ISSUE-196 RAISED SKOS Implementation: STW Thesaurus for Economics 2009-04-16 SKOS
ISSUE-197 RAISED SKOS Implementation: The Thesaurus of Greek Terms in SKOS 2009-04-16 SKOS
ISSUE-198 RAISED SKOS Implementation: STW Thesaurus for Economics Service 2009-04-16 SKOS
ISSUE-199 RAISED SKOS Implementation: Astronomy Thesauri 2009-04-16 SKOS
ISSUE-200 RAISED SKOS Implementation: Decimalised Database of Concepts 2009-04-17 SKOS
ISSUE-201 RAISED SKOS Implementation: Various vocabularies stored in the CATCH SKOS service 2009-04-27 SKOS
ISSUE-202 RAISED SKOS Implementation: SKOS editor 2009-04-27 SKOS
ISSUE-203 RAISED SKOS Implementation: SKOS API 2009-04-27 SKOS
ISSUE-204 RAISED SKOS Implementation: Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT) 2009-04-27 SKOS
ISSUE-205 RAISED SKOS Implementation: Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT) Service 2009-04-27 SKOS
ISSUE-206 RAISED SKOS Implementation: PoolParty 2009-04-27 SKOS
ISSUE-207 RAISED SKOS Implementation: National Szechenyi Library vocabulary and software 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-208 RAISED SKOS Implementation: National Szechenyi Library SKOS Converter 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-209 RAISED SKOS Implementation: Vocabularies stored in the NSDL Metadata Registry 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-210 RAISED SKOS Implementation: NSDL Metadata Registry 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-211 RAISED SKOS Implementation: English Heritage vocabs from STAR 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-212 RAISED SKOS Implementation: SKOS_WS 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-213 RAISED SKOS Implementation: LCSH 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-214 OPEN id='concept' 2009-05-05 RDFa
ISSUE-215 RAISED SKOS Implementation: UMTHES 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-216 RAISED SKOS Implementation: iQvoc 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-217 RAISED SKOS Implementation: IUPAC Green Book 2009-05-05 SKOS
ISSUE-218 CLOSED CR Comment: editorial errors and problems (Ch. 1) 2009-05-08 SKOS
ISSUE-219 CLOSED CR Comment: name 2009-05-08 SKOS
ISSUE-220 RAISED SKOS Implementation: MMI Ontology Registry and Repository 2009-05-14 SKOS
ISSUE-221 RAISED SKOS Implementation: MMI Ontology Tools 2009-05-14 SKOS
ISSUE-222 RAISED SKOS Implementation: SISM 2009-05-14 SKOS
ISSUE-223 RAISED SKOS Implementation: CATCH SKOS Service 2009-05-18 SKOS
ISSUE-224 CLOSED prefLabel language tag examples non-conformant to BCP 47 2009-07-07 SKOS
ISSUE-225 CLOSED [editorial] typo in Abstract / Synopsis 2009-07-07 SKOS
ISSUE-226 CLOSED [editorial] various typos/mistakes in Primer 2009-07-27 SKOS
ISSUE-227 OPEN undeclared prefix in @datatype 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-228 CLOSED itsRules textual content wrong in vocab 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-229 OPEN typo in RDFa test case 122 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-230 OPEN @lang define behavior as per XHTML 1.1. 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-231 OPEN small errata: initializing the prefix mappings 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-232 OPEN errata for 4.1 document conformance 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-233 OPEN use other URI-carrying attributes in HTML+RDFa 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-234 OPEN change default treatment of literals with markup 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-235 OPEN Proposal for allowing URIs in CURIE-only attributes 2009-09-02 RDFa
ISSUE-236 OPEN Clarify the meaning of "ignore" with respect to attributes that have no legal value 2009-09-10 RDFa
ISSUE-237 OPEN Better rdf:List support in RDFa 1.1 2009-09-10 RDFa
ISSUE-238 OPEN ERRATUM for @src in final paragraph of Syntax 3.1 2009-09-24 RDFa
ISSUE-239 OPEN PROPOSAL: Errata text to clarify CURIE-related processing requirements 2009-09-24 RDFa
ISSUE-240 RAISED 2010-01-18