Last Call Comment: garbage collecting

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Ben Adida
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raised by Ben in [1]:

I don't believe it is necessary, and it may be harmful, to garbage 
collect so-called "useless" triples in cases like:

<div rel="foaf:knows">
   <div rel="foaf:knows">
     <div rel="foaf:knows">

So what if someone writes useless triples? That's their intent, so let 
it be :) This step in the processing adds notable complexity to the 
parser rules. It also may make life difficult for authors who are 
progressively writing RDFa, building up a skeleton of bnodes before 
hanging properties onto them: they wouldn't see any triples at all until 
they add a @property, at which point a slew of triples would appear.

There's a notable cost here, and questionable value.

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  1. ISSUE-101: Last Call Comment: garbage collecting \\'useless\\' triples doesn\\'t seem necessary and could hurt authors as they write RDFa (from on 2008-03-20)
  2. meeting record: 2008-04-03 RDF-in-XHTML TF (from on 2008-04-03)

Related notes:

2008-04-03: further comments by Micah Dubinko:

2008-04-10: RESOLVED to indeed keep these "useless triples" in

2008-04-11: RESOLUTION: Modify processing rules per ISSUE-101 to process and produce triples consisting of only bnodes --

2008-06-12: ACTION: Accept

2008-06-12: RESOLUTION: Modify processing rules to process and produce triples consisting of only bnodes.

2008-06-12: COMMENTER-RESPONSE: Accept

2008-06-16: CHANGE-TYPE: outstanding issue resolution (BenA had objected)