CR Comment: Provide complete datatype definitions

Raised by:
Ben Adida
Opened on:
brought up by Jonathan Rees in [1]:

9.1 Please provide complete datatype definitions (CURIE, etc) at a
    level of detail approaching that of the XML Schema
    documentation (e.g. see

requires further discussion.

Related emails:
  1. ISSUE-104: Last Call Comment: Provide complete datatype definitions (from on 2008-04-03)
  2. meeting record: 2008-05-01 RDFa telecon (from on 2008-05-01)

Related notes:

2008-05-08: RESOLVED as "Copy the CURIE datatype definition from WD-curie-20080402/#s_schema" in telecon On a related note, also RESOLVED: change the wording from URIorCURIE to URIorSafeCURIE.

2008-06-12: ACTION: Accept

2008-06-12: CHANGE-TYPE: Editorial

2008-06-12: RESOLUTION: Copy the CURIE datatype definition from WD-curie-20080402/#s_schema

2008-06-16: COMMENTER-RESPONSE: would prefer more editorial details

2008-09-02: Shane gives a full lineage of the definitions in

2008-09-02: re-raised by Jonathan Rees: (changed to CR comment as a result)

2008-09-03: Jonathan confirms that this comment now is specifically about the separate CURIE document and not about the RDFa in XHTML specification.