Last Call Comment: Language Tags

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Sean Bechhofer
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Raised by Jeremy Carroll in [1]:

7) 5.4 s/N.B/Note/ (editorial)

It was a bit surprising that this was an N.B. rather than a "Note:".
Particularly since the note is somewhat naïve vis-à-vis RFC 4647 on language
ranges, I didn't feel it merited being well-noted as opposed to merely noted.

In fact I would prefer somewhat different text along the lines of:

Note: BCP47 defines tags for identifying languages, but does not define the
concept of "language".
e.g. "en", "en-GB", "en-US" are three different language tags, used with
English, British English and US English respectively. Similarly, "ja" ...  
The condition S14 concerns language tags and hence does not conflate any of these.

Such wording avoids minefields like what is a language, and words like denote 

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2008-10-23: ACTION: Accept

2008-10-23: CHANGE-TYPE: Editorial

2008-10-23: RESOLUTION: We have made the substitution and change as suggested.

2008-10-23: COMMENTER_RESPONSE: Accept

2008-10-23: COMMENTER-RESPONSE: Accept