Last Call Comment: Editorial Bug in @src example in Section 5.3

Raised by:
Ben Adida
Opened on:
raised by Micah Dubinko in [1].

If I am reading the 21 Feb spec correctly, @src now can stand in for the 
subject of a triple in the absence of @about. Can somebody set me 
straight on how this squares with the leading example in section 5.3?

<div about="">
  <span property="foaf:name">Albert Einstein</span>
  <span property="dbp:dateOfBirth" datatype="xsd:date">1879-03-14</span>
  <div rel="dbp:birthPlace" resource="">
    <span property="dbp:conventionalLongName">Federal Republic of Germany</span>
  <img rel="foaf:depiction"
src="" />

In particular, how does foaf:depiction fit in here? Given the image 
resource as a subject, shouldn't it use foaf:depicts?

Probably Resolution: this is an editorial bug in section 5.3 where the usage of
@src hasn't been updated to the latest spec. Updating the example to bring the
@rel up one level is the way to fix this.

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  1. ISSUE-99: Last Call Comment: Editorial Bug in @src example mistaken in Section 5.3 (from on 2008-03-20)

Related notes:

2008-05-08: This has been fixed in the latest draft (20080501).

2008-05-08: following up with Micah:

2008-05-21: no response from Micah, but this is fixed and now closed.

2008-06-12: ACTION: Accept

2008-06-12: CHANGE-TYPE: bug fix

2008-06-12: RESOLUTION: fixed the example (wasn't updated from a pre-Last-Call draft).

2008-06-13: Micah agrees with resolution:

2008-06-13: COMMENTER-RESPONSE: Accept