SKOS Implementation: PoolParty

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Sean Bechhofer
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* Name of the software 


* Name of person and/or organisation responsible for the implementation 

punkt. netServices, Vienna/Austria 

* URLs for software home page and/or download location if publicly downloadable 


* Can the software read SKOS data? 

PoolParty is compliant with the following elements of SKOS: 

- skos:Concept 
- skos:ConceptScheme 
- skos:altLabel 
- skos:broaderTransitive 
- skos:broader 
- skos:definition 
- skos:hasTopConcept 
- skos:hiddenLabel 
- skos:inScheme 
- skos:narrowerTransitive 
- skos:narrower 
- skos:note 
- skos:prefLabel 
- skos:related 
- skos:scopeNote 
- skos:semanticRelation 
- skos:topConceptOf 

- PoolParty also supports language tags (xml:lang). 
- PoolParty supports reading SKOS data in a variety of formats including
RDF/XML, N-Triples or Turtle. 

* Can the software write SKOS data? 

same as above. 

- Can the software check consistency of SKOS data with respect to the SKOS data

PoolParty uses OWL Reasoning and/or SesameCustomRules. PoolParty checks
consistency as described in the SKOS RDF Schema (See: ) for all
implemented elements. 
In addition to that PoolParty handles "stored procedures": These SPARQL-Queries
offer tools for the quality-check of the thesauri 
which can help to detect errors, e.g. Show me all concepts, where preferred
label is the same as alternative labels etc. 

- Description 

PoolParty's background functionality is built on top of the SAIL API which makes
it a flexible tool in terms of performance and scalability and the used Triple
Store. PoolParty runs on Sesame (NativeRepository with CustomRuleReasoning,
MemoryRepository with CustomRuleReasoning), SwiftOwlim, BigOwlim and Virtuoso. 

Support for viewing, creating and editing SKOS Data is offered via an
AJAX-Frontend based on YUI. PoolParty is available as a compound Web
Application. Much of its functionalities are also available as Web-Services - be
it REST or SOAP. PoolParty's Key-Phrase Extraction capabilities come from a
modified version of the KEA 5 API, which is extended for the use of controlled
vocabularies stored in a SAIL Repository (This module is available under GNU GPL). 

PoolParty can also be used as a Linked Data client - making use of data from
DBpedia etc. PoolParty offers SPARQL-Endpoints for Thesaurus projects. 

- Publications

To be submitted:
Andreas Koller. SKOS Thesaurus Management based on Linked Data with Poolparty
LOD Triplification Challenge 2009, I-Semantics 2009.
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