Last Call Comment: adding top and first as reserved @rel and @rev values

Raised by:
Ben Adida
Opened on:
9.3. @rel/@rev attribute values

* While there is a "last" value listed, there is no "first".
* What about "top"?

by Johannes Koch in:

Probable Resolution: ensure we have all existing reserved words in XHTML,
otherwise leave this decision to the XHTML WG.
Related emails:
  1. ISSUE-90: Last Call Comment: adding \\'top\\' and \\'first\\' to reserved values of @rel/@rev (from on 2008-02-26)
  2. meeting record: 2008-03-13 RDF-in-XHTML TF telecon (from on 2008-03-13)

Related notes:

2008-03-04: fixed title to make it visible in the listing (no single quotes.)

2008-03-20: RESOLVED in as "accept XHTML2 WG decision on reserved keywords", which in this case includes accepting "top" and "first".

2008-03-20: note sent to Johannes:

2008-04-30: CLOSED, since it is resolved.

2008-06-12: ACTION: Accept

2008-06-12: CHANGE-TYPE: Editorial

2008-06-12: RESOLUTION: inquired with the XHTML WG, who agreed that these additional reserved terms should be added to the XHTML namespace for consistency. Updated the RDFa specification accordingly.

2008-06-12: COMMENTER-RESPONSE: Accept

2008-06-12: Johannes acknowledged the change: