Last Call Comment: Reference to RDF Concepts

Raised by:
Sean Bechhofer
Opened on:
Raised by Jeremy Carroll in [1]:

2) reference to RDF concepts (editorial)

Perhaps after first mention of RDF triples in section 1.2.
Never one to not suggest a reference to something my me!
It's there in the transitive closure of the references, but I suspect this is an
important enough normative reference that it should have been included. The
reliance on the RDF Primer and the OWL Guide as the major refs to these
technologies seems at odds with the target readership.

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Related notes:

2008-10-23: ACTION: Accept

2008-10-23: CHANGE-TYPE: Editorial

2008-10-23: RESOLUTION: The suggested reference has been added and the Working Group propose to close this issue.

2008-10-23: COMMENTER_RESPONSE: Accept

2008-10-23: COMMENTER-RESPONSE: Accept