Last Call Comment: Index Terms

Raised by:
Sean Bechhofer
Opened on:
Raised by Michael Panzer [1]:

2. Index terms

An important part of many classification systems is an index, in the
case of the DDC its "Relative Index". Index terms associated with a
given class generally reflect several of the topics falling within the
scope of that class. There is no easy way of modeling this relationship
in SKOS:

616 Diseases

Index terms:
   Clinical medicine
   Internal medicine
   Physical illness--medicine

Currently, a possible workaround is to construct the complete Relative
Index as a separate skos:ConceptScheme and relate the concepts in these
two independent schemes by using mapping relations:

skosclass:hasIndexTerm rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:closeMatch .

skosclass:isIndexTermOf rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:closeMatch ;
  owl:inverseOf skosclass:hasIndexTerm .

<class/616> a skos:Concept ;
  skosclass:hasIndexTerm <index/Clinical%20medicine> ;
  skos:inScheme <classification> .

<index/Clinical%20medicine> a skos:Concept ;
  skosclass:isIndexTermOf <class/616> ;
  skos:inScheme <index> .

This seems to be a satisfactory best-practice solution in this case, but
it has broader implications as index terms are just one instance of 
Class-Topic Relations


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Related notes:

2008-11-10: ACTION: Accept

2008-11-11: CHANGE-TYPE: None

2008-11-11: RESOLUTION: SKOS does not indeed offer by default an exact solution to your problem. Our concern with this issue is that its scope might be limited, considering the general context of KOS practice. We have not identified that kind of situation in our Use Cases and Requirements document [2], even for the (UDC) classification case we had [3]. We consequently propose to *close* ISSUE-182 [ISSUE-182], making no change to the existing SKOS documents. *We hope that you are able to live with this.*

2008-12-15: Closed with no response from commenter.

2008-12-16: COMMENTER-RESPONSE: None