Unicity of prefLabel rule (SKOS Primer)

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Antoine Isaac
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Raised by Magnus Knuth in [1]:

 * in the SKOS Primer (2008-08-29) Chap. 2.2.1 last sentence should 
tell "..., it is therefore recommended that no two concepts in the same 
KOS be given the same preferred lexical label --in any two given 
languages-- __in any given language__." (might be a typo)

Well, we cannot apply this recommendation, since we sometimes have 
different concepts with identical prefLabel, e.g. ex:football_(sport) 
and ex:football_(ball) both having skos:prefLabel "football", i.e. we 
don't want to disambiguate these concept by their prefLabel but by 
further characteristics as their definition or altLabel.
Same would apply, when you collect alternative definitions for a term 
resulting in different concepts, e.g. the medical term "sepsis" is 
defined in various variants from "inflammatory infection" over "blood 
poisoning" to "infection with organ dysfunction", and medics use it in 
such various manner.

So please leave it an informal recommendation.

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