SKOS Implementation: UMBEL Vocabulary

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Here is a vocabulary implementation example that use SKOS at its core: it
re-uses and extends the vocabulary and uses its core concepts. Please direct any
question related to this implementation to me, or to Mike Bergman at
"". We are the two editors of this vocabulary.

== Vocabulary Implementations ==

Vocabulary title: UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer)

Name of person and/or organisation responsible for the implementation:

- Mike Bergman (Structured Dynamics LLC.):
- Frédérick Giasson (Structured Dynamics LLC.):

The organization currently supporting this effort is Structured Dynamics LLC.

List of the SKOS constructs used:

- skos:Concept
- skos:broaderTransitive
- skos:narrowerTransitive
- skos:LabelRelation
- skos:seeLabelRelation
- skos:prefLabel
- skos:altLabel
- skos:hiddenLabel
- skos:note
- skos:changeNote
- skos:definition
- skos:editorialNote
- skos:example
- skos:historyNote
- skos:scopeNote
- skos:broader
- skos:narrower
- skos:related

- URL(s) where the published SKOS data may be obtained:

Check the files listed in the section "Ontology Access and Download" here:

- Additional information:

Here is an introduction to UMBEL:
Here is the complete documentation of UMBEL:
Here are all files related to UMBEL:

Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any question related to UMBEL.
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