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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Create a UC and Reqs document for PE spec and look contributions Arthur Barstow 2012-12-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Create issues for the initial comments for the PE spec Jacob Rossi 2012-12-04
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Add a link to Bugzilla in the Status of this Document section Jacob Rossi 2012-12-04
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Work with Doug and Rick re how to document TouchEvents / PointerEvents Mapping Arthur Barstow 2012-12-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-5 (edit) closed find out how to auto-cc specific people or list on all bug updates [on Arthur Barstow Arthur Barstow 2012-12-04 Admin
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Prepare a FPWD and notify Art when it is ready (see Jacob Rossi 2012-12-11 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Send Transition Request for FPWD of Pointer Events Arthur Barstow 2012-12-11 Admin
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Add doug's use case about varying touch pressure to list Arthur Barstow 2012-12-11 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Work with Doug and Rick on defining Touch Events mapping in the Web Events WG Arthur Barstow 2012-12-11 Admin
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Determine if WebIDL permits us to define our dictionary in a way compatibile with future inheritance from DOM4 mouse event dictionary Jacob Rossi 2012-12-25
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Implement the proposal for bug 20219 as proposed in Jacob Rossi 2012-12-25
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Ask DOM3 editor whether button could be changed from unsigned to signed without resetting last call. Jacob Rossi 2012-12-25
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Send Doug an email that explains the https issues Jacob Rossi 2013-01-15 Admin
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Notify the CSS WG after the next WD of Pointer Events is published Arthur Barstow 2013-01-15 Admin
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Create a poll re conference time Doug Schepers 2013-01-15 Admin
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Rossi to investigate use cases and gesture-agnostic alternatives to IE10's zoom touch-action values. Jacob Rossi 2013-01-29
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Schepers to raise issue with SVG WG about methods/properties to transform coordinates within transformed elements. Doug Schepers 2013-01-29 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Reply to the "Making click/contextmenu use PointerEvent interface" thread Rick Byers 2013-02-12
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Close bug 20222 per the 5-Feb-2013 resolution Jacob Rossi 2013-02-12
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Add some non-normative text for 20222 Jacob Rossi 2013-02-12
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Apply your proposed change to bug 20109 and ask the group for comments Jacob Rossi 2013-02-12
ACTION-22 (edit) closed - notify Art when a Pointer Events v1  LCWD is "PubReady" for Feb 19 Jacob Rossi 2013-02-19
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Send a headsup to relevant WGs re PEv1 LCWD Arthur Barstow 2013-02-19 Admin
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Add pointerType extensibility to the PEv.Next feature list Arthur Barstow 2013-03-19 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Add rotation attribute to v.Next feature list Arthur Barstow 2013-03-19 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Add maxTouchPoints issue to v.Next list Arthur Barstow 2013-03-19 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Propose text re the "spec's positioning" (see LC comment from Alex Russell) Jacob Rossi 2013-03-19
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Follow-up on web component implications of pointer capture Rick Byers 2013-04-02 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Reply to Yandex comments (Chaals) and include link to 26-Mar-2013 minutes Arthur Barstow 2013-04-02 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Reply to Sangwhan on the list Jacob Rossi 2013-04-02
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Reply to 3D pointer thread Jacob Rossi 2013-04-02
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Figure out a way to get #pointerevents logged Doug Schepers 2013-04-15 Admin
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Add links to changesets for LC comments that resulted in changes Jacob Rossi 2013-04-16
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Invite Sergey to a call Doug Schepers 2013-04-16 Admin
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Update the spec to reflect primary pointer clarification Matt Brubeck 2013-04-16 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Reply to Boris Jacob Rossi 2013-04-16
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Reply to Benoit re the group's 9-Apr-2013 decision Jacob Rossi 2013-04-16
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Reply to Benoit re clarity for his concerns Rick Byers 2013-04-16
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Update comment doc to reflect these last comments Jacob Rossi 2013-04-16
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Open up CR bug for pointer capture issues Jacob Rossi 2013-04-23
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Work with Microsoft's AC rep on updating the PE Member Submission Jacob Rossi 2013-05-14
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Get a "CR" version created for the Pointer Events CR Arthur Barstow 2013-05-14 Admin
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Make a proposal re how to accept Pull Requests and merge them to the master Matt Brubeck 2013-05-14 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Follow up with Dave to get a PR from the April TTWF to the pointerevents repo Scott González 2013-08-06 Testing
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Divide up msft's tests for review by rick, cathy, art and matt Matt Brubeck 2013-09-17 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Followup with tobie re getting notifications for pointerevents tests Arthur Barstow 2013-09-17 Admin
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Followup on the ta assertions to determine why there are some missing links to prs/submissions Arthur Barstow 2013-09-17 Testing
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Add a link to bug 22890 that points to the 10-sep-2013 discussion Arthur Barstow 2013-09-17 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Move Bug 22891 to WebApps' UI Events spec Sangwhan Moon 2013-09-17
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Add a link to the v2 doc to the pe main page Arthur Barstow 2013-09-17 Admin
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Reply to rob o'callahan's e-mail re touch-action Jacob Rossi 2013-10-08
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Invite ibm to join pointer events wg Arthur Barstow 2013-10-29 Admin
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Update pe cr tracking doc re emma comment to reflect 22-oct-2013 resolution Arthur Barstow 2013-10-29 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Review touch-action tests Rick Byers 2013-11-26
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Review touch-action tests Cathy Chan 2013-11-26 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Update the testassertion wiki re touch-action tests Jacob Rossi 2013-11-26
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Propose text to address bug 21749; confirm change with francois remy Jacob Rossi 2014-01-14 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Propose text to address bug 21951 Jacob Rossi 2014-01-14
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Propose text re "add non-normative example section to mouse compat event mapping"; get confirmation from patrick Jacob Rossi 2014-01-14
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Reply to patrick's "list of pointer events" ... thread Jacob Rossi 2014-01-14
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Reply to patrick's "list of pointer events" ... thread Rick Byers 2014-01-14
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Add a non-normative note that cssom extends mouse events Jacob Rossi 2014-01-14
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Make a proposal re the keyboard compat issue Sangwhan Moon 2014-02-04
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Propose a non-normative note re the keyboard compat issue Patrick Lauke 2014-02-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Create a proposal to address the svg element issue Jacob Rossi 2014-02-04
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Address bug 24346 per the agreement during the 28-jan-2014 call Jacob Rossi 2014-02-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Create a bug for the "clarification on 'cancelling' pointerdown" issue and address it per the discussion on 28-jan-2014 Jacob Rossi 2014-02-04
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Make a proposal to address the context menu issue per discussion on 28-jan-2014 Rick Byers 2014-02-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Create a proposal re informative note re pointerevent and touchevent compatibility. Patrick Lauke 2014-02-18 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Update spec to reflect 11-feb-2014 discussion of action-68 Jacob Rossi 2014-02-18
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Reply to anne's "exception usage" e-mail of feb 3 Matt Brubeck 2014-02-18 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Propose changes for 1-5 of anne's e-mail of feb 3 Jacob Rossi 2014-02-18 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Reply to #6 of anne's feb 3 comments Matt Brubeck 2014-02-18 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Reply to #7 of anne's feb 3 comments Olli Pettay 2014-02-18 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Reply to #8 of anne's feb 3 e-mail Jacob Rossi 2014-02-18
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Reply to patrick's focus/blur? e-mail of feb 4 Olli Pettay 2014-02-18 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Reply to nikolay's e-mail of feb 4 re "pointer cancel event dispatching" Jacob Rossi 2014-02-18
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Update bug 24783 with a proposal the group can review Patrick Lauke 2014-03-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Update the spec for bug 24696 per discussion on 2014-feb-25 Jacob Rossi 2014-03-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Update the spec for bug 24706 per discussion on 2014-feb-25 Jacob Rossi 2014-03-04
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Update bug 24772 with a proposed change Jacob Rossi 2014-03-04
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Update the spec per the patrick's comment for bug 24777 Jacob Rossi 2014-03-04
ACTION-83 (edit) closed File a bug re the "slight softening of lang in the note for 5.1." issue Patrick Lauke 2014-03-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Close/resolved bug 24346 Jacob Rossi 2014-03-04 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Move text in bug 24784 to the touch event cg wiki Patrick Lauke 2014-03-04
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Add manipulation to the touch-action property Jacob Rossi 2014-03-11
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Strike test assertions 5.{4,5,6,7} and add them to the v2 list Asir Vedamuthu 2014-03-11
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Make a proposal for bug 24346 (using discussion from 2014-mar-04 call) Patrick Lauke 2014-03-11 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Submit changeset for his proposed text for bug 24772 Jacob Rossi 2014-03-11
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Update the spec for bug 24783 including discussion from 2014-mar-04 Jacob Rossi 2014-03-11
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Update the spec for bug 24784 per pl's proposal Jacob Rossi 2014-03-11
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Make a specific proposal for bug 24786 per discussion on 2014-mar-04 Patrick Lauke 2014-03-11 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Ask css wg (www-style) re the add 'manipulation' touch-action property issue Jacob Rossi 2014-03-18
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Bug 21749: update the bug to reflect discussion on 2014-mar-11 Jacob Rossi 2014-03-18
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Bug 24786: implement agreement discussed on 2014-mar-11 and then resolve/fix the bug Jacob Rossi 2014-03-18
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Bug 24921: implement pl's proposed text as agreed on 2014-mar-11 and then resolve/fix the bug Jacob Rossi 2014-03-18
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Bug 24922: implement pl's proposed text as agreed on 2014-mar-11 and then resolve/fix the bug Jacob Rossi 2014-03-18
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Create a changeset for bug 24923 and sent it to the list for review Jacob Rossi 2014-04-01
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Investigate ie behavior re bug 24971 and add that info to the bug Jacob Rossi 2014-04-01
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Followup with anne re the exception thread Matt Brubeck 2014-04-01 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Add initial values for members of PointerEvent Jacob Rossi 2014-04-22 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Submit a changeset for bug 24971 based on 2014-apr-15 discussions Jacob Rossi 2014-04-22
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Address q's from Jacob Rossi 2014-04-22 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Update MouseEventInit reference to DOM3Events rather than UI Events Jacob Rossi 2014-04-25 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Reply to arthur stolyar's "setpointercapture and css pointer-events: none" thread Olli Pettay 2014-05-13 Pointer Events v1
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Report to the touch events cg how to proceed with errata for the touch events spec Doug Schepers 2014-05-13
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Update pointerinit constructor Jacob Rossi 2014-06-10
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Send a todo list re testing that needs to be done Scott González 2014-06-10 Testing
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Run the merge for pr324 Jacob Rossi 2014-06-10
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Remove the hit testing note (bounding box) per agreement on 2-june-2014 Jacob Rossi 2014-06-10
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Send summary/highlights of seattle meeting to the pewg and tecg lists Rick Byers 2014-06-10
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Re bug 26013, add patrick's proposal and tweak the text as necessary Jacob Rossi 2014-07-01
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Update the 24-june-2014 minutes per Doug Schepers 2014-07-07
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Make final corrections and merge pr 1074 Jacob Rossi 2014-07-22
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Review pr 1119 and merge if it is ok Matt Brubeck 2014-08-12
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Review pr 1121 Doug Schepers 2014-08-12 Testing
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Make a call for a volunteer to create a test for ta 11.3 Arthur Barstow 2014-08-12 Testing
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Make a call for a volunteer to create a test for ta 13.4 Arthur Barstow 2014-08-12 Testing
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Review the test for 15.20 when it is available and let us know if it covers the high priority manipulation scenarios Cathy Chan 2014-08-12 Testing
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Review pr-1121 with the svgwg and then report findings to pewg Doug Schepers 2014-09-09 Testing
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Follow up with sangwhan re pr-1124 Cathy Chan 2014-09-09 Testing
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Follow up with artem re pr-1220 Jacob Rossi 2014-09-09
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Reply to Jacob Rossi 2014-09-09
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Create tests for assertions 11.3 and 13.4 Scott González 2014-09-09
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Remove the empty assertion at the bottom of the touch-action css property table Arthur Barstow 2014-09-09 Testing
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Submit a pr to address maksim's comment in Scott González 2014-09-09 Testing
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Merge pr-1121 Jacob Rossi 2014-09-30
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Review test 5.3 for pr-1220 Cathy Chan 2014-09-30 Testing
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Review pr 1245 and merge it if it is ok Jacob Rossi 2014-09-30
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Look for a commitment to review tests 15.{11,18,19} in pr-1249 Arthur Barstow 2014-09-30 Testing
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Review prs for test assertions 11.3 and 13.4 (once available from scott) Jacob Rossi 2014-09-30
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Close bug 26809 as wontfix and include a link to 23-sep-2014 discussion in the bug Jacob Rossi 2014-09-30
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Update the spec for bug 26888 to reflect resolution recorded on 23-sep-2014 Jacob Rossi 2014-09-30
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Review the spec for bugs like 26888 and send changeset to the list Jacob Rossi 2014-09-30
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Work with doug and plh and the group on the d3e reference story Arthur Barstow 2014-09-30
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Work with doug and philippe on extending pewg's charter to get the group through v1 and allow discussions for what to do about v2 Arthur Barstow 2014-09-30 Admin
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Work with cathy to review prs 1299 and 1300 Matt Brubeck 2014-10-28 Testing
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Run the pe tests on ie after all open prs are resolved Jacob Rossi 2014-10-28
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Run the pe tests on ff metro after all open prs are resolved Matt Brubeck 2014-10-28 Testing
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Try using w-p-t runner to run the pe tests on ff metro and report the results to the group Matt Brubeck 2014-10-28 Testing
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Check with philippe if the runner test reporting mechanism is ok for cr Arthur Barstow 2014-10-28 Testing
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Work with Asir on a bold heading on the Test Assertion doc that says it is frozen and no longer being worked on Arthur Barstow 2014-10-28 Testing
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Determine if rick's scrolling ad hoc meeting will facilitate remote participation and report that on p-pointer-events Arthur Barstow 2014-10-28
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Followup with matt re the timeframe to run the tests on a build that includes a fix for but 1094913 Arthur Barstow 2014-11-18 Testing
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Create draft lcwd and ping the list for review Arthur Barstow 2014-11-18
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Label json files that are used for the implementation report Jacob Rossi 2014-11-18
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Work on a charter extension for the pewg Doug Schepers 2015-03-24 Admin
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Start a thread re what we want to do with touch-action vis-a-vis safari and other requests Rick Byers 2015-03-24
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Move the pe spec to github (with jacob and rick) Arthur Barstow 2015-04-14
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Merge pr#5 Jacob Rossi 2015-04-28
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Submit a pr for issue #4 Jacob Rossi 2015-04-28
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Redirect pointerevents hg repo to github Doug Schepers 2015-06-15
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Update to reflect move from zakim to webex Arthur Barstow 2015-06-18 Admin
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Send some pointer event usage data to the list Ted Dinklocker 2015-11-10
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Create an issue with relevant people to discuss it there. Rick Byers 2016-05-03
ACTION-156 (edit) open Check with team, find use case/rationale for edge behavior Ted Dinklocker 2017-01-18
ACTION-157 (edit) open Send current chrome test result details to public-pointer-events with a chrome or spec bug link for each outstanding failure. Navid Zolghadr 2017-01-18
ACTION-158 (edit) open Send current edge test result details to list Ted Dinklocker 2017-01-18
ACTION-159 (edit) open Send current test results for edge to public-pointer-events with bug links for any outstanding failures. Ted Dinklocker 2017-01-18
ACTION-160 (edit) open Check with plh about publication process etc Patrick Lauke 2017-01-18

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