Pointer Events Working Group

The W3C Pointer Events Working Group is chartered to develop a specification for mouse or multitouch interface events (including such related interface as pen-tablets, electronic whiteboards, and similar input devices).

The Working Group seeks to enhance the features delivered in the Pointer Events Level 1 Recommendation by exploring changes.

This group works in public, with details in the WG's Work Mode document and the WG's Wiki.

See the list of this group's publications and their status.

The Chair of the Pointer Events Working Group is Patrick H. Lauke (TPG). The W3C Team Contact for the Pointer Events Working Group is Philippe Le Hegaret.


Pointer Events is a W3C Recommendation

The Pointer Events Working Group has published a W3C Recommendation of Pointer Events. The Pointer Events specification defines a unified set of events and interfaces for device-neutral pointer input, such as a mouse, touchscreen, and pen-tablet, including capabilities for handling pointer pressure, contact geometry, and tilt; it also defines a mapping to traditional mouse events. This specification provides additional functionality not available in the related Touch Events specification; for more information on the relationship between these two specifications, see the Touch Events Community Group. Learn more about the Rich Web Client Activity.