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WebConf Information

Wednesdays at 9am US Eastern / 3pm Europe / 10pm Japan



The IRC is used for the minutes, speaker queue, and sharing links etc.

Agenda 05.09.2018

  • Quick updates
  • Online PlugFest
  • Scenarios
  • Target Features
  • Testing

Agenda 29.08.2018

Agenda 22.08.2018

Agenda 15.08.2018

Merged with main call.

Agenda 08.08.2018

  • Quick updates
  • Review results of the Bundang Plugfest
  • Online plugfest goals and logistics
  • Lyon plugfest goals and logistics
  • Test plan updates
    • Fuzz testing
    • DTLS testing

Agenda 01.08.2018

  • Testing (quick updates)
  • Review results of the Bundang Plugfest
  • Gaps and areas for improvement
  • Discuss goals for next plugfest
  • Discuss goals and logistics for "online plugfest"
  • Discuss meeting logistics: separate testing mtg, or not?

Agenda 30.05.2018

  • Review results of the Prague Plugfest
  • Identify gaps and areas for development
  • Identify areas for new development
  • Decide planning materials

Agenda 25.10.2017

  • Review Servients information from members
  • Clarify which servients can be connected from the others
  • testbed configuration (by Koster-san)
  • network configuration on the plugfest in Fujitsu and TPAC
  • AOB

Agenda 18.10.2017

  • Matsukura-san's update on the plan
  • PlugFest participants' updates
  • AOB

Pending Agenda Items (with Deadlines)

  • To be added

Future Agenda Items

  • To be added


  • To be added

Meeting Minutes


  • To be added