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W3C Web of Things Joint IG/WG Wiki

IG/WG co-Chairs and Staff Contacts

The Chairs of the Web of Things Interest Group and Working Group are Michael McCool (Intel) and Sebastian Kaebisch (Siemens).

The W3C Team Contacts for the group are Dave Raggett and Kazuyuki Ashimura

Current Status of Deliverables

We use GitHub for draft IG deliverables and information related to the Plugfests. Each document has a section on how to contribute. Action items should be tracked using the GitHub Issues.

Ongoing work documents

Concluded documents

Delivered documents

WebConf Meetings

US Pacific
4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00
US Eastern
7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00
8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
UTC 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00
12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00
13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00
14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00
Singapore (SGT)
China (CST)
19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00
Korea (KST)
Japan (JST)
20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 24:00
Mon WoT Scripting API
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
WoT Security
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
- WoT Discovery
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
Tue WoT Marketing
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
WoT Use Cases
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
- - -
Wed WoT Chairs/Editors
(WebEx for Members)
WoT IG/WG main call
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
WoT PlugFest
(same WebEx for Members as the main call on the left)
WoT TD / Binding Templates (2h)
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
Thu - - - WoT Architecture (2h)
(WebEx for Members)
(WebEx for IEs)
Fri - - - - -

Color legend:

  •  WoT WG calls 
  •  WoT IG calls 
  •  WoT IG/WG joint call 
  •  WoT Chairs/Editors call 

Note on Daylightsavings:

General notes:

  • All the WoT calls are allocated based on the  US Eastern time .

Follow the links to the corresponding WebConf pages for the details. See the quick start guide for general help for WebConfs.

Face-to-Face Meetings










Mailing Lists

We use the public mailing list for discussions. We encourage the use of prefixes in email to help identify emails relating to task forces or for meeting agendas, e.g. if you have an agenda request for an upcoming meeting please start the subject line with [agenda]. Sticky topics and action items should be tracked using the GitHub Issues.


The first time you send an email to any W3C list you will get a response with a link to a form for W3C's archive approval system. This requires you to choose between the following options:

  • YES, W3C may archive this message on its Web site.
  • YES, W3C may archive this message and any further messages I send to on its Web site.
  • YES, W3C may archive this message and any further messages I send to any W3C list on its Web site.
  • NO, do not archive my message online or distribute it to the list; I will find another route for my feedback.

If you do not respond, your email to the list will your message will not be archived online or distributed to the list. If you lose the email with the link please contact the staff contact (Dave Raggett).

Other Resources

Common links to Interest Group resources

Blog posts

Member Submissions