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W3C currently uses WebEx. You are expected to make use of the IRC tools for meeting management, e.g. minute taking, actions, queue management and so forth, see below.

To book a call with the W3C WebEx system, you should email the W3C Web of Things IG staff contacts (Dave Raggett, Yingying Chen and Kaz Ashimura) or if they are traveling and unavailable, please email W3C Admin via adminreq@w3.org setting out the start time of the meeting and the time zone it will be linked to, as well as the name of the W3C group (in our case "Web of Things IG"), and finally whether the meeting is a one or else the recurrence interval, e.g. weekly. The booking confirmation email will include the following information:

  • host code for the person who is running the meeting
  • participant code for all other meeting participants
  • URL for the WebEx meeting page
  • ICS file for adding the meeting to your calendar

Quick Start

When you join the call, please let us know on IRC with the following command, substituting your name:

 present+ John_Smith

This will make it easier for us to maintain the list of participants for each meeting. To add yourself to the queue of people wanting to speak:


or with a topic as a reminder of what you want to talk about

 q+ to ask about the roadmap

You can remove yourself from the queue with "q-". More details are given in the Zakim IRC bot commands]

Hosting a meeting

The chair or staff contact should prepare the meeting on the IRC channel with the command

 /invite trackbot
 trackbot, start meeting
 zakim, this will be 9681       /* for the 9pm UTC call and 9682 for the 6pm UTC slot */

For more details see the trackbot IRC help page

When you see someone on the speaker queue, use the following to acknowledge the speaker:

 ack John_Smith

Further Reading