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The WoT Security task force is responsible for identifying and analyzing the security and privacy considerations of the WoT and providing recommendations to support appropriate security technologies and to mitigate security and privacy risks.

WebConf Information

This is a joint call of WoT Interest Group (IG) and WoT Working Group (WG).


External Review

  • Possible Reviewers:
    • Terri Oda (Intel)
    • Valerie Fenwick (Intel)
    • Sven Schrecker (IIC)
    • Mike West and Daniel Veditz (W3C Web Application Security WG)
    • DISS participants

Key Dates

  • See new WG charter


  • Penetration testing

Future Topics

  • Lifecycle and Onboarding
  • Trust Establishment
    • Use Case Analysis
  • Look at Verifiable Claims
    • Technically VC WG is closed, but people are in DID WG now
  • Ecosystem Research
    • OCF Bootstrapping
      • Correspondence with Lifecycle, provisioning, etc.
  • Discovery
    • Privacy preservation



  • None currently


To Do: add links to the items below, e.g. to labelled issues, minutes, etc.

  • Review editor's sync call minutes and actions
  • Review (and comment on/close) security-related issues in other repos
    • TD
    • Arch
    • Profiles
  • OAuth2 flows in TD...
    • When and where do non-client flows make sense?
      • The client flow needs a confidential client, and browsers do not qualify (need mutual auth?) so...
      • relates to the example used in the TD spec for non-client flow, i.e. maybe we recommend that there needs to be at *least* a client flow but other flows can be allowed as well for affordances that make sense to use directly from a browser.
    • We may have to put implicit and password back into the TD1.1 spec for TD1.0 compatibility
      • But then need to add text saying that these are deprecated and SHOULD NOT be used (and will be removed in TD 2.0)
  • Profiles Security

Next Meeting

Items to schedule in the next meeting.

  • combo discussion; are all combinations appropriate?

To Do

22 April 2024

Scribe: Kaz

15 April 2024

Scribe: Kaz

25 March 2024

cancelled - low turnout


18 March 2024

Scribe: Kaz

11 March 2024

Scribe: Kaz

4 March 2024


26 February 2024

Scribe: Kaz

19 February 2024

(Cancelled due to poor attendance - topics deferred to next week)

15 January 2024

Scribe: Mahda

Pending Agenda Items (with Deadlines)

  • Review requirements from prioritized list of IoT systems/protocols
    • OCF, oneM2M, LwM2M, ZWave, AWS IoT/GG, etc

Future Agenda Items

  • New Use Cases
  • Review of IETF-ACE, IIC-SF, CoAP and other security models
  • Discuss use of semantic annotations for security
  • Review existing threat models eg from IIC Security Framework
  • Review of existing security models and mechanisms in target protocols
      • Get that up somewhere for people to provide input
      • Some of the threats depend on the vulnerability of the protocols
    • Review COSE (although still in draft)
    • Use main call to synchronize this activity and gather feedback
    • Create a template so we can consolidate the information
    • Identify people or groups that can look at individual target protocols and mechanisms
  • Review issues and feedback on draft documents
    • Via github issues


Past Content

Security and Privacy Questionnaires, Review Forms