Web of Things

W3C WoT – Security Task Force

The WoT Security task force is responsible for identifying and analyzing the security and privacy considerations of the WoT and providing recommendations to support appropriate security technologies and to mitigate security and privacy risks.

Informative Deliverables

In addition to contributions to other normative and informative WoT deliverables, such as security features in the WoT Thing Description and in WoT Discovery, the WoT Security TF has its own informative deliverables.

WoT Security and Privacy Guidelines

The WoT Security and Privacy Guidelines document defines general security and privacy concepts and terminology for the W3C Web of Things, catalogs stakeholders and threats, and provides general guidance on best practices to mitigate these threats.


Michael McCool (Intel Corp.)
WoT Security and Privacy Guidelines Co-Editors:
Elena Reshetova (Intel Corp.) and Michael McCool (Intel Corp.)