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Photo of Maria Auday

Maria Auday Executive Assistant


Maria Auday is assistant to Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe, CEO. She is part of the administrative team and organizes some of the annual W3C meetings that are lead by Jeff.
Photo of Caroline Baron

Caroline Baron Finance and Administrative manager

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Caroline is W3C Europe administrative and finance manager at ERCIM.
She joined the team in December 2001 and is now in charge of finance, accounting and human resources.
Caroline holds a BA in foreign applied languages and an MBA from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.
Photo of Xueyuan Jia

Xueyuan Jia Admin&Marcomm


Xueyuan Jia formally joined W3C administrative team and Marketing & communications team in May 2015.
Photo of Alexandra Lacourba

Alexandra Lacourba Admin Team

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Alexandra joined the team in September 2002 as a replacement for Caroline Baron and dealt with accountancy.

She joined the Administrative Team in September 2003 and is the primary meeting planner for European meetings.

Photo of Amy van der Hiel

Amy van der Hiel Admin Team


Amy van der Hiel is the assistant to Tim Berners-Lee and part of the W3C Communications Team.

Before joining the W3C, Amy was the Assistant to the Director and Curatorial Associate at the Exhibitions Department of the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. She has her Bachelors in Art History from Bard College, NY and her Masters in Art Education from Mansfield University, PA.

Photo of Yan WANG



I just graduated from Xi'an International Studies University And I like the administration to handle with something detail. I think what I do is very important and I'm also a valuable person.

Susan Westhaver


Susan joined the W3C in September 1995. She is the head of the Administrative staff at MIT and primary organizer of W3C Workshops, US Advisory Committee and TPAC Meetings. Previously, Susan worked with Bob Scheifler and the MIT X Consortium for three years, and has been a part of the Laboratory for Computer Science for nearly ten years.

Photo of Naomi Yoshizawa

Naomi Yoshizawa


Naomi joined the team in July 2010 to provide member relations, administration, finance, contract and personnel at W3C/Keio University. She has newly joined MarComm team as well since 1 April 2015. Prior to joining W3C, Naomi worked at AT&T Japan as a manager of Marketing Communications for AT&T World Access. She worked on a team that created an innovative prepaid card, produced publications and bids for designs and developed sales channels. She was awarded a Grand Prize for Best Operations Coordinator in 1996.